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Jeune Scientist Private Limited(formerly is a start up organization focussing on Science Enrichment activities for Children.Our idea is to Reinvent the Curiosity and Rekindle imagination with in children (which is getting lost in our current eduction system).


NOTE: This is an online workshop (webinar).

If you registered for the YS Aerospace Workshop, you can attend this webinar for FREE. To learn more please visit:

The webinar will take place over Zoom Meetings. Upon successful registration, we will send you the link and instructions for participation. You can view it directly on your computer browser or on your phone using the Zoom application.

Making paper gliders offers a unique combination of science and origami. The precise and careful foldings of the glider are dictated by the principles of flight. In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to this confluence of science and art. The basics of folding paper gliders will be introduced and the scientific explanation provided.

We will build a few gliders starting from the simplest to the advanced. Keep in mind that this will not be an easy activity and will demand patience and concentration.

Tentative list of gliders:

1. Marlin
2. Kingfisher
3. Hurricane
4. Ketch

Materials needed:

1. Colour papers (~20)
2. Ruler for measurement
3. Pencils for marking the foldings

Workshop Objective:

1. Learn the principles of flight
2. Appreciate the nuance of paper gliders
3. Learn to make unique gliders like the KETCH
4. Experience the fun of launching self-made gliders

Past Events

In this NEW workshop, you can enjoy the benefit of our 3 events in one!

Rockets & Spacecraft
DIY Paper Glider
DIY Air-Powered Rocket

Workshop Objective:

Basic understanding of rocket science
Learn the principles of flight
Appreciate the nuance of paper gliders
Learn to make the KETCH
Understand the working of the Air-Powered Rocket
Experience the fun of launching self-made gliders and the APR
Rockets & Spacecraft
We shall spend the first 30 minutes to lay the foundations of rocket science and aviation. A brief historical perspective will be presented along with a visual presentation of major space missions and innovations in aviation. The four forces of aviation will be introduced and the theory of flight explained. Newton's III law will be used to explain how rockets work and common misconceptions cleared.

DIY Paper Glider
Making paper gliders offers a unique combination of science and origami. The precise and careful foldings of the glider are dictated by the principles of flight. We will focus the next 30 minutes of the workshop to make the beautiful KETCH. This exotic glider is certain to impress your friends. Keep in mind that this will not be an easy activity and demand patience and concentration. Colour papers, rulers for measurement and pencils for marking the foldings will be provided.

DIY Air-Powered Rocket
In the last 30 minutes will have a demonstration of our famous Air-Powered Rocket (APR) also known as Pneumatic Rocket. Every kid will get a chance to launch the rocket and we request them to wear shoes for this activity. We will start with a brief discussion of the construction and working of the rocket launcher. Everyone will be provided with a manual which they can follow to build the APR at home. A kit of materials needed will be on sale for your convenience.
Light, the reason why we can see the world around us. It's time to take a more advanced study of the properties of light and optics- the physics of lenses and optical phenomenon.
About the Event
A combination of demonstrations and hands-on experiments are devised in this workshop for children to have a better understanding of light. Different lenses will be introduced and their unique properties studied. We will be using lasers to see how light is bent by refraction.

If you have attended our YS Light-I Workshop, this is a natural follow-up.

Tentative List of Experiments:

Vision Secret
Confused Laser
Real flame or not?
Upside down world
Monster face

Workshop Objective:

Understand the properties of the Convex and Concave lens
Introduction to special devices such as Fresnel lens
Appreciate Tyndall Effect
Learning what convergence and divergence are and how they happen.
Understanding Real and Virtual Image
Working of the human eye and camera
Magnets are the first things children get engrossed in when it comes to science. Even Albert Einstein claimed magnets were the reason he got interested in physics after playing with them as a child. They are forever mesmerized by its mysterious properties. Here is an opportunity for your children to get fascinated by the science behind these mesmerising properties of magnetism.
About the Event
In this workshop, we will help you build a cool toy that is based on the principles of magnetism. It will be a Do-It-Yourself type where we shall provide the materials and guidance to build it successfully. This activity will help your child become more creative, gain an aptitude in engineering and adept at applying theoretical concepts to practical problems.

Take home your magnetic toy and impress your friends!

How many kids can say that they have built their own science toy?

If you have attended the YS Magnetism-II Workshop. this would be a natural follow up. You can also attend this workshop if you haven't attended any other ones from us.

Learning Outcome:

Understand basic laws of magnetism
Apply theoretical principles to practical problems.
Improve your engineering and craft skills.
Use the toy as a science project or for fun!

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