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A-4/223 Raji Gandhi Road,Old Mahabalipuram Road,Egattur Chennai, India

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Jeune Scientist Private Limited(formerly Young-Scientist.in) is a start up organization focussing on Science Enrichment activities for Children.Our idea is to Reinvent the Curiosity and Rekindle imagination with in children (which is getting lost in our current eduction system).


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Please note that this is a kid-only camp, except for the last day (Dec' 29th) which will be a parent-child joint activity session. 


Literally the coolest science camp you will ever find! This is a 3-day camp with a focus on thermodynamics and cryogenics. We will be studying heat and temperature with the help of several fun experiments. We will be using ice, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen to explore the strange realm of low-temperature physics!


End this year with a blast!


Celebrate Christmas time with Chemistry!


Make ice cream with liquid nitrogen!


Theme: Cryogenics. Thermodynamics. Coldness. Winter. Low-temperatures.


Eligibility: Class III & above

Other Description

Tentative list of experiments:


  • Newton's Cooling

  • Witch's Brew

  • Dry ice vs Magnesium

  • Ice cream making & more!


Key Concepts:


  • Heat

  • Temperature

  • Newton's law of cooling

  • Sublimation

  • Expansion ratio

  • Cryogenics

  • Lab safety


This is a 3-day camp with each session lasting 90 minutes. While registering for the camp, you may choose any date and your payment will be considered as for the whole camp. If you want to buy multiple tickets, please contact us for any available discounts.

The Young Scientist Science Camp is back again at Jhoola Activity Centre

Theme: Cryogenics. Coldness. Winter. Low-temperatures

Other Description

Day 1

Introduction to heat and temperature.

Define temperature and heat. Understand the difference between the two. Learn to use a thermometer. Get an

intuitive feeling for Newton’s law of cooling.

Day 2

Fun with dry-ice

What is dry-ice? Learn the properties and test for carbon dioxide. Witness sublimation and other curious

phenomena involving dry ice.

Day 3

Liquid Nitrogen

Introduction to cryogenics. Safety hazards and precautions of handling liquid nitrogen. Freeze various objects and

study their physical properties.

Activity with parent:

Making either ice cream, Popsicles or frozen desserts. The participants will have to bring their own ingredients.

The different options will be given in advance.

Past Events

This is a 6-hour course which will deal with the basics of aerospace engineering in detail. The course will be offered over 4 weeks as four 1.5 hour sessions. Every session will have a hands-on section to reinforce the concepts learnt.


Eligibility: Class III to V

This is a 6-hour course which will deal with the basics of aerospace engineering in detail. The course will be offered over 4 weeks as four 1.5 hour sessions. Every session will have a hands-on section to reinforce the concepts learnt.

Course Objective:

Lay the foundations of aerospace engineering

Basic understanding of rocket science

Learn the principles of flight

Appreciate the nuance of paper gliders

Understand the working of the Air-Powered Rocket

Experience the fun of launching self-made gliders and the APR

Course plan:

Nov' 30th: Air-Powered Rocket. Built the rocket & launcher.

Note: This is a multiple-day event. When purchasing the ticket you can choose any day, and you will be eligible to attend all the sessions. The course fee is for all the four sessions. These sessions also work independently and you may register for the individual ones you choose. This is only possible if a vacancy is available. If you would like to do so, please get in touch with us.

What to expect from the workshop: The concept of a robot is always enthralling. How about building a robot on our own? That is what will happen in this workshop.

Your kids will get to build a Line Follower Robot that will follow a line (made of black insulation tape).


Other Description
The session will cover the following topics:

Electromagnet, motors & gears
Introduction to electronic components
Introduction to ic, voltage regulator & IR sensors
l293d IC & line follower circuit diagram
Assembling line follower robot


Please note conducting the workshop is subject to basic minimum enrollment. reserves the right to cancel any of the session with prior intimation to the enrolled parents.

This Robotic course does not teach any programming and does not use Micro Controller. This will be a simple breadboard based Robot.

Please remember that the Robot Kit is not part of the course fee. You may buy a kit for building the Line Follower Robot yourself and to take home. Please place your order by email to our support ID or give a call.

We live under constant pressure...not social pressure or financial pressere, but atmospheric pressure!

We use pressure cookers every day.

We travel in pressurized cabins of aircraft. Vehicles use pressurized air to inflate tires, work suspension systems etc.

Other Description
Food is packaged in vacuum sealed packets. Soda is bottled under pressure, etc.

We use pressure constantly, but, what is it? Come and find out the science behind pressure and its practical application. Add a new layer of detail to how you see this world.

This workshop will have several experiments and demonstrations to establish the basic concepts and clarify properties of pressurised gases.

Tentative List of Experiments:

Invincible Balloon
Wobbly Seat
Inflatable Hand
Raising Water
Bottle Race

Key Concepts:

Force distribution
Hydro pressure
Barometric formula