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A-4/223 Raji Gandhi Road,Old Mahabalipuram Road,Egattur Chennai, India

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Jeune Scientist Private Limited(formerly is a start up organization focussing on Science Enrichment activities for Children.Our idea is to Reinvent the Curiosity and Rekindle imagination with in children (which is getting lost in our current eduction system).


Joining the revolution of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement, is presenting a workshop for kids in basic rocketry. The participants will be provided most of the necessary materials and carefully guided to build their own rocket using their own hands.

Rocket Workshop
The workshop will help you understand basic pneumatics and the working of an air-powered rocket. It will also serve as a basic training in production engineering and understanding technical instructions. You will also get a chance to use a hacksaw to cut a PVC pipe while under personal supervision. By the end, you will have gained the confidence to fabricate working models and own a functioning pneumatic rocket which can be launched to a height of nearly 50 feet. This workshop is open to children from Class V to X.
The participants are recommended to wear shoes.
Participant must carry one or two-litre empty Coke/Pepsi (or any other flexible) bottle to attach to their air-powered rocket launcher.
As part of our celebrations of the National Science Day, will conduct a new and improved Science Show at IIT-M Research Park. It will be a 2.5-hour fun-filled event with lots of exciting and awe-inspiring science experiments. For the 1st time ever, we will be admitting parents to enjoy the show with the kids. This event will offer a different experience from the usual magic shows (where the science only happens behind the screen and hidden from view). This time, you can witness the magic of science with full transparency and explanations
Young Scientist
There will also be a panel consisting of professionals from the various field of science. We have set aside 30 minutes for the children to interact with scientists, professors and others. Eligibility - Class III and above Discount coupons are available for the purchase of multiple tickets. If you represent a group of over 20 participants, please contact us for special pricing.