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Jeune Scientist Private Limited(formerly is a start up organization focussing on Science Enrichment activities for Children.Our idea is to Reinvent the Curiosity and Rekindle imagination with in children (which is getting lost in our current eduction system).

Past Events

Chemistry is fun and we believe it. If you do not agree, give us a chance to change your mind! presents an exciting introduction to chemistry for kids. Basic concepts will be presented in a fun and interactive manner. Several experiments and demonstrations will be done.

Tentative list of experiments:

Dry Ice
Conservation of Mass
Steam Bottle
Blue Bottle
Elephant Toothpaste
Acid-Base Reactions
Potion Magic
Slimy Slime
This workshop will walk you through the basics of Electrical Circuits. From understanding batteries and building circuits, we will be dealing with concepts such as:
Reactivity series
Some of the experiments and activities(tentative list only) that may be performed during the workshop are:

1) Series and Parallel Circuit
2) Human resistance
3) Graphite circuit building
4) Pencil bulb
The above-mentioned topics will be dealt in accordance the level of the age group. Please note that the list is tentative and the actual experiments done may differ depending on circumstances.

1) Children will get a working knowledge of electrical circuits
2) They will understand the significance and difference between a closed circuit, open circuit and short circuit.

Carry Item: Notebook, pen and dark pencil (2B).

As part of our celebrations of the National Science Day, will conduct a new and improved Science Show at IIT-M Research Park. It will be a 2.5-hour fun-filled event with lots of exciting and awe-inspiring science experiments. For the 1st time ever, we will be admitting parents to enjoy the show with the kids. This event will offer a different experience from the usual magic shows (where the science only happens behind the screen and hidden from view). This time, you can witness the magic of science with full transparency and explanations!
PSLV Rocket Model
Air-Powered Rocket
Heat Engine
Blue Bottle or Traffic Light
Take picture with Monster Face and PSLV Model
Plasma Ball
Prism Magic
Lens Magic
Tuning fork
Whoosh bottle
Elephant Tooth Paste
Steam Bottle Engine
Slimy Slime
Rainbow Burette
Chemical Chameleon
Non-Newtonian Liquid
We provide Siblings discount, Group discount. Please reach out to us for bulk booking via