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A-4/223 Raji Gandhi Road,Old Mahabalipuram Road,Egattur Chennai, India

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Jeune Scientist Private Limited(formerly Young-Scientist.in) is a start up organization focussing on Science Enrichment activities for Children.Our idea is to Reinvent the Curiosity and Rekindle imagination with in children (which is getting lost in our current eduction system).

Courses Offered

YS Physics - IIT Foundation Course
We are presenting a fresh approach to IIT Foundation training starting next year.

Our practical approach to science learning will be combined with a rigorous planned curriculum.
Additional Information

Sat, 5 Jan 2019

Timing: 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Course fee: Rs.2000 Per month/person

Eligibility: Class VIII to X

Designed by Young-Scientist


We will meet once a week for two hours at YS Science Centre, Sholinganallur.

Whenever possible, key concepts will be reinforced using experiments and demonstrations.

Course Material: Pearson IIT Foundation Series, Physics Class 9 and 10 Seventh Edition

YS Chemistry - IIT Foundation Course
We are presenting a fresh approach to IIT Foundation training starting next year.

Our practical approach to science learning will be combined with a rigorous planned curriculum.
Additional Information

Sun, 6 Jan 2019

Course Timing: 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Course Fee: Rs.2000 Per person/month


We will meet once a week for two hours at YS Science Centre, Sholinganallur.

Whenever possible, key concepts will be reinforced using experiments and demonstrations.

The venue for the classes has an attached chemistry lab.

Course Material: Pearson IIT Foundation Series, Chemistry Class IX and X, Seventh Edition

Course Duration: One year

Eligibility: Class VIII to X



Brought to you by Young-scientist.in

Please note that this is a kid-only camp.

Eligibility: Class IV & above

We use electricity every day and almost every minute of the day. It is important that we understand what it is and how it behaves. In this camp, we will explore the physics and engineering aspect of electricity and electrical systems. The camp includes a tour of theYS science Centre, a science show, workshop and a DIY section where each participant builds a table lamp and takes it home!

Theme: Electricity, Home Wiring, DIY - build a table lamp stand using PVC.

DIY Project:

Each participant will be building a table lamp stand.

We will use PVC and the kids will be trained in the necessary skills

Electrical wiring and crafting with PVC.

All materials will be provided as a kit.


Other description

Tentative list of experiments:

Pencil bulb

Circuit mania

Plasma Ball

Van de Graaff generator

Motor Madness

Key Concepts:






Black body radiation

Home electrical systems


Plasma Ball

Tesla Coil

Electric lamp and stand

If you want to buy multiple tickets, please contact us for any available discount

10.30 AM: Assemble for the meet and greet!

10.45 AM - 11.30 AM: Tour of the Centre and interaction with exhibits

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM: Electric Science Show

12.30 PM - 01.30 PM: Lunchtime

01.30 PM - 02.00 PM: Documentary on Nikola Tesla followed by a discussion

02.00 PM - 03:00 PM: Workshop on Electrical Circuits

03.00 PM - 04.00 PM: Building the PVC table lamp.

Lunch Break: You can return to pick up your kids for lunch or send them with a lunch bag. We will take a break from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

What is sound?

Do you know how sound is created?

Can you speak on the moon?

Do explosions in outer space cause loud noise?

Did you know human ears are capable of hearing only a certain range of frequencies?

What is the Frequency of sound?

What is Amplitude?

What is the treble and bass as seen on speakers?

What is the difference between a sound wave, a radio wave and a water wave?

Other description

Sounds interesting? Do you have the same questions? then join our workshop to learn the answers and do experiments related to sound. We will be demonstrating fun experiments help you understand the basics of acoustics.

Do you want to be a sound engineer? This could be your first solid step in that journey.

Tentative list of Experiments:

Slinky fun

Jumpy balls

Dancing Oobleck

Musical pipes

DIY musical instruments

Light, the reason why we can see the world around us. It's time to take a more advanced study of the properties of light and optics- the physics of lenses and optical phenomenon.

A combination of demonstrations and hands-on experiments are devised in this workshop for children to have a better understanding of light. Different lenses will be introduced and their unique properties studied. We will be using lasers to see how light is bent by refraction.

Other description

Tentative List of Experiments:

Magic Candle

Light Bending


Fresnel Lens

Monster face

Key Concepts:

Nature of light



Total Internal Reflection

Refractive index

Optical density

Fresnel lens

Workshop Objective:

Understand the properties of Convex and Concave lens

Introduction to special devices such as Fresnel lens

Appreciate Tyndall Effect

his is a course that takes a practical approach to develop critical thinking. The aim is to make the participants appreciate criticism and analysis, provide tools to incorporate such methods to problem-solving and become better thinkers. This course also serves as a training for Olympiads and Talent Search Exams. All necessary worksheets and materials will be provided. Group activities and games will demand the application of theory to real-life problems.

This is a 4-hour course delivered over two days.

Workbook containing bonus problems and explanations will be provided.

Other Details

Course Objectives:

  • Detail the different aspects of intelligence.

  • Establish the importance of critical thinking in life.

  • Clarify concepts like Venn diagram, polynomial division etc.

  • Develop skills in logical, verbal and spatial reasoning.

  • Improve decision-making ability.

  • Build social skills and interpersonal communication.

  • Provide time management and test-day strategies for Olympiads.

  • Have good fun and become better thinkers

Class V and above

Did you know you can build a mic (microphone) out of an empty matchbox?

In this workshop, you can learn how to do just that! Understand the mechanism and working of a mic. Appreciate the science and technology that is used and use basic engineering to build a mic. Please bring the following items for the workshop,

Other Details

Carry Items:


  • 9V Battery with Cap (1)

  • 2-mm Pencil lead (10)

  • Earphones (1)

  • Empty Matchbox (1)


Learn the science behind the working of a mic (microphone). You can even take it to your school and impress your science teacher!


Workshop Objectives:


+ Build your own matchbox microphone and take it home! 

+ Learn the basics of electrical engineering and electronics.

+ Gain hands-on experience.


Key Concept: 

+ Transducer

+ Current

+ Resistance

+ Energy convertion

Past Events

In this workshop, learn to build an electronic circuit interfaced with a light detector. The sensors will detect darkness and activate an LED. This is one of the principles used in smart homes. This project is a good entry for any science fair.

Other Description

Note: Includes the circuit kit.

Key Concepts:








Workshop Objectives:

Learn to use a breadboard

Become familiar with basic electronic components

Build simple electronic circuits containing a transducer

Introduction to interfacing of sensors to circuits

Eligibility: Class II & above.

Registration open to adults. You may accompany your child after purchasing a ticket for yourself.

 Will be conducting a sleek and updated Science Show at IITM-Research Park

 It will be a 1.5-hour fun-filled event with lots of exciting and awe-inspiring science experiments.

Witness the magic of science with full transparency and explanations!

 Completely safe for the viewers and totally intriguing.

 Highlights include Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice.


Other Description

Tentative List of Experiments:

Blue Bottle

Traffic Lights

Icecream making

Plasma Ball

Light Bending

Elephant Toothpaste

Steam Bottle Engine

Non-Newtonian Liquid

Witch's Brew

Riki's Smoke Screen

Magnesium Amaterasu


Brought to you by Young-Scientist

This is a highly focussed workshop on the topic of light intended for IIT-JEE aspirants. Motivated students who want to strengthen the fundamentals are welcomed to register.


Other Description

Lecture + Experiments + Problem solving

Shortcuts and tricks

Worksheets will be provided

Practice problems will be given as a takeaway

Key Concepts:



Refractive Index

Snell's Law

Please note that this is the first part of the workshop series on light. There are a total of three and the other workshops will be offered in the near future. These workshops will delve deep into the basics of the key concepts and experiments will be used to reinforce the concept and make the session more fun and interesting for the students.

A strong foundation is key for excelling in the competitive exams. Young-Scientist.in's IIT foundation workshop series will help you achieve that and more!