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BF3, Suseela's Maalae No 63, Geasan Layout Vanagaram Road, Ayanambakam Chennai-95.

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The abacus is a deceptively simple calculating tool that contains beads or disks that can be moved up or down or from side to side. It helps provide a concrete understanding of counting, adding, subtracting and dividing. The abacus is the olden form of our calculator, its origins dates back to 2400 BC when the Babylonians used pebbles and dust abacus for their calculations.

Courses Offered

Vedic Maths Classes by Xtragenius
Developing a child’s intellect is very vital; the basics should be clear and concrete. Vedic math helps in building a Child's mental calculation capability. It captures the interests of a child by using different techniques. Vedic training fosters exercise in brain and further helps in concentration, observation and building confidence in child.

Vedic maths training helps in enhancing the mathematical skills and knowledge of the user.

Vedic math starts at a basic level of numbers and gradually progress to simple additions, subtractions, multiplications and division. Also, one can solve complex geometrical theorems and algebraic problems. Though one needs to enjoy the Vedic maths education, training process, only then one will be able to truly benefited and get advantage from the technique
Vedic maths education helps in developing new and innovative methods of mastering calculations.It builds a strong confident arithmetical base and solves the problems easily.

Through Vedic maths one can divide without using a calculator, multiply two decimal numbers together quickly and easily, square any number ending in 5 within 5 seconds.

Well this all sounds difficult, but it has been proved that by using this phenomenal method and technique one can successfully win over the fear of “mathematics”.

Vedic maths is a sole method to build one’s arithmetic strong. We have divided the complete courses in four parts and given the complete solution for calculation. “Vedic maths” also improves mental calculation, concentration as well as confidence. It is very simple, direct and totally unconventional, easy to learn, original and consummate. Once you understand the basics of vedic maths you can practice and make yourself human calculator.

For example you can answer the question 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 X 9 8 1 0 9 6 5 6 7 9 within twenty second. You can answer the square of 85 in three second.

Of course there is a hope especially early on that physical activities are a great help to understanding. Being naturally creative kids like to devise their own methods of solution. Vedic maths appeals to the “artistic type kids” who prefer not to use analytical ways of thinking. The Vedic system appears to be effective over all ability ranges: the able kid loves the choice and freedom to learn and the less able may prefer to stick to the general methods but loves the simple patterns they can use.
Abacus mental arithmetic
Abacus mental arithmetic training is a technique offered for kids to develop their mental capacity at their childhood. Moreover the mental arithmetic programs intends the kids to achieve the thorough development and activation of brain. Hence, it is a proven tool to improve the aptitude power of kids. During the training courses, kids learn to solve the problem visually. The abacus training makes the kids to execute complex tasks to achieve the correct solution without any difficulty.
Total levels : 8
Duration per level : 3 months

Past Events

We proudly announce that, our yearly prestigious ABACUS competition is about to begin to discover more talents.


Levels : ABACUS Bud Level to 8th Level 

Eligibility : Open to ALL

Other Description
Category A : Born After 01 January 2009

Category B : Born between 01 January 2006 to 31st December 2008

Category C : Born before 01 January 2006

Date of Examination: 23rd December-2018

Last Date For Registration: 15-Dec-2018

Duration: 10 Minutes

Time of Examination: User Id & Password will be provided after 16th December, watsapp to 9840004161 to get your login details.

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Prize Distribution - will be announced