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51, 6th Main Road, R A Puram Chennai, India

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098401 11425



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Wandering Artist, is an arts and culture space, that offers adults and young people a variety of arts experiences. The space offers trainings, performances a creative co-working space and a café. It is a meeting space where artists, trainers and the public create, collaborate and experience the best that art and culture can offer. Art classes, workshops and performances happen through the year for people of all ages.

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The 2nd Edition on Bhuhu is here!!

Wandering Artist, in association with Darshanam Art Creations, presents Bhuhu, an immersive course in traditional Indian Art. Build your portfolio by exploring a plethora of art forms including sculptures, murals, designing, painting, weaving, and puppetry, under renowned artists and craftsmen, with hands-on, field visits, lec-dems, and what not!
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Wandering Artist is Chennai's hip new cultural centre where you can eat, breathe, speak, learn, talk and shop about any art that fascinates you.

Vaayusastra: Certified Aeromodelling Course Through Art by Wandering Artist
An innovative concept of engineering modules that started with a motto of developing young talents through science workshops for combined with theatrical arts like story-telling, craft activities and much more. A creative way to help develop designing and thinking skills via simple approaches to the concept of aero-science.
Incubated by IIT, Madras and Supported by Government of India. It's a certified course for a duration of 3 months.
For details regarding the course modules, curriculum and fee structure, contact 9500042435 or send an email inquiry to trainings@wanderingartist.in
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Vaayusastra Aerospace private LIMITED, Incubated under IIT MADRAS'S RTBI (Rural Technology Business Incubator) , An Innovative Concept of Human Engineering services started with a motto of developing young talents through Aero Modelling workshops and science workshops for children combined with theatre arts like Story telling, Providing internships for the Engineering students and helping them in develop their ideas. WE ARE NOW INTO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNICAL RESEARCH ON ADVANCED FLYING METHODS.

Past Events

Learn The Basics Of Ceramics And Clay At Our Pottery Workshop And Get Ready For A Hands-On Experience To Bring Out That Inner Child In You!

Connect With Your Soul Through Art And Sculpting!

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S. Thiyagarajan has a masters degree in Ceramics from the Government College of Fine Arts Chennai and has won numerous awards. His works are inspired from experiences in nature and its relation to human life and technology. He has evolved his works through observation of the ever changing surrounding environment both natural and man made.

The 'Miracle of Breath' workshop is about exploring and connecting with our breath. We often find ourselves out of alignment with our breath in the hustle and bustle of today's world.

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When we align with our breath and deepen our connection with ourselves this way, we also align with the flow of life. By this practice, we invite ease, clarity and incredible shifts into our lives.

Take these curious minds through a trail of historic events and our deep rooted culture. Let them explore, learn and evolve with Dr. Chithra Madhavan

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Chithra Madhavan

The focus of her research is temple architecture, iconography and epigraphy. She is the author of seven books: History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: As Gleaned from the Sanskrit Inscriptions(two volumes), Vishnu Temples of South India (four volumes) and Sanskrit Education and Literature in Ancient and Medieval Tamil Nadu. She wrote the text for a coffee-table book, Snapshots of A Bygone Era: A Century of Images. Chithra co-edited South India Heritage: An Introduction containing approximately 500 articles on various aspects of the heritage and culture of South India. She has also compiled Kalakshetra Reflections: Sculpture.