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106,41st cross Jayanagar 9th block east end “c” main road Bangalore-69

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After successfully completing 8 years – At various International pre-schools and Schools across Bangalore, has announced that they are foraying further into the field of education across locations to provide quality early education to little children. The trust has upheld its long-standing principle of strengthening and encouraging childhood development on an emotional, intellectual, social and physical level through a unique partnership between its trained facilitators and parents. Ultimate Education Support Center aims to be the principal mean of expression, problem-solving and developing social skills. It recognizes the value of providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. The curriculum is based on children's intellectual, social, linguistic needs and is designed to encourage child-initiated learning activities and preparing them for later academic success.


Service By Ultimate Education Support Center
Ultimate Education Support Center runs customized English enrichment programs for children between the age groups between (3 to 15yrs) as a part of hobby classes using her center Ultimate Education Support Centre and various preschools and schools across Bangalore as her venue partners for Grades (UKG, 1 to 5).

Facilities available: (Y/N)

1. Cafe: Available on call through Swiggy

2. Wifi:Available

3. CCTV:Available

4. Parking: Available

5. Birthday Party Venue: open as a birthday party venue

6. Activity center is open to people who wish to conduct various children related activities at our space Ultimate Education Support Center in Bengaluru.
Other Description
List down the activities available for children: English Enrichment Programs for children between the age group of 3-15yrs.

Mental Math classes and
Personality Development Programs.
Charges: Every workshop is between 1.5-2hrs and the prices vary for every workshop.

play time (any limitation of timing to use the place): We do not have any play toys or play areas at our space only workshops happen


Workshop Topics:

*Communication skills for teachers, 

*the art of storytelling and puppet making in classroom for children and *Multiple Intelligence.

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone who aspires to be a teacher or who is one already. Even parents are welcome to attend this workshop.


What is this workshop about?

This workshop is designed on the lines of the above mentioned topics and provides learning sessions for developing their basic skills for teaching at Primary and secondary schools/preschools/playschools/Nursery.

When is the workshop?

25th and 26th of April’19 in Bangalore.Time-9:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m on both the days.

Take away from this Summer Camp:

Enhanced level of creativity - "the ability to think out-of-the-box.

Higher levels of self-expression.

Improved observation and better concentration.

Increased confidence and smartness


Other Description

Ultimate Summer Camp elaborately:


1) Brain training: refers to cognitive training that uses intense mental exercises to target and work on the brains core cognitive skills. Strong cognitive skills are critical because they are the skills the brain uses to read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. They are also the skills that determine IQ.We have built fun math exercises which are age appropriate and are built around keeping in mind logic and reasoning.


2) Fun with English: Do you like playing games in English? We have lots of fun games for you to play. English is made easy using these fun games like English games, quizzes, jokes, riddles, word games, and more ... for learners of English all age appropriate.


3) Soft skills development in kids: Soft skills necessary for childhood development. These set of interpersonal skills are usually not taught in schools, but learning them in childhood can prevent future problems. Unlike hard skills, like math, reading, science and social studies, soft skills revolve around communication, relating with others, and self discipline. Like balancing a check book and figuring out a mortgage rate, these essential skills are usually learned outside the classroom from their families and peers. Sometimes these necessary soft skills aren't learned at all.


4) Storytelling: Storytelling, talking and singing every day helps your child's development in lots of ways. Youre getting your child familiar with sounds, words, language and, eventually, the value and joy of books. This all builds your childs early literacy skills, like the ability to listen to and understand words. It also helps her go on to read successfully later in childhood. Storytelling stimulates your childs imagination and helps him learn about the world around him. And storytelling is also a great time for you to bond with your child and share time together.


5) Stage presence: is best suited for children who love reading and who are interested in understanding and interpreting texts for performance. Stage presence also is ideal for children who are interested in music, dance, and fine arts and wish to integrate those interests with drama. We firmly believe our techniques help children to overcome inhibitions, to communicate with confidence, to speak clearly and understand body language tools that will help and prepare them for the future, irrespective of what profession they choose.


6) Global Art: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso. How do you teach creativity? Art is one way to do that and it has the added benefit of magically seeping into everything a child does. When kids get to a certain age, they self identify as artistic or not based on how realistic they draw or paint. Art is more than that. We will introduce the children to various new varieties of art and craft.

Prior registrations compulsory.No refunds for cancellation or if the child dosen't turn up after registering.(Coz we keep batch size restricted to minimum15-20 maximum only).

Past Events

This workshop will outline Multiple Intelligences teaching strategies and is designed to help educators and Parents will feel more comfortable using these strategies in their classrooms and with their children. 

Multiple Intelligence's workshops will definitely interest anyone associated to engaging children in learning, educators and parents who wish to use the strategies in their classrooms and with their children.

Other Description

Realise how does your child does the best.

Understand your child's learning preffered style.

Know yourself to know your child.

Acquire some visual,auditory and tactile study tips.

Identify the kids of students you have.

Recognise your child's learning needs.

Comprehend the various levels of understanding MI.

Internalize the theory of multiple intelligences.

Learn how to do differentiations in the classroom.

And pop! out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar.

One of the most-read and famous children's books of all time, The Very Hungry Caterpillar emerges off the page in a masterful storytelling experience for 4 to 8 yr olds.

Journey through Eric Carle's incredible story as it comes to life on in this enchanting storytelling show.

Other Description

This storytelling show will excite, educate and entertain new readers and first-time storytelling show goers, while for those who grew up with these books, will delight in experiencing one of the most popular children's books ever written for the first time in @Munchkins Montessori & Daycare bought to you by Ultimate Education Support Center.

Take home a fun craft kit! Children will be introduced to the concept of numbers through storytelling using puppets and also get to do a fun worksheet based of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme!

Story time doesn't get much more magical than this.

Note: No Refund for cancellations and no-show i.e. if the kid doesnt show up after registering for the event. Prior Registration Compulsory.

Parents to drop off the kids on time at the venue and return to pick them up after the show ends!


Peppa is coming with Ultimate Education Support Center to Munchkins.

Only this time she's bringing Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and George with her.

Come enjoy this Christmas Storytelling using puppets and theme based claymodelling. A special session by Ultimate Education Support Center!


About the Event

The story-telling session will take place on December 22ndSaturday 2018.

Best suited for kids between of age 4 till 8 years.

All the required material for this session will be provided by Ultimate Education Support Center.

The programme includes storytelling using puppets, quiz based on the Peppa pig story told, read aloud poem activity, claymodelling on Christmas theme and loads of fun!!

Benefits: Build confidence; improve vocabulary, better social skills, enhance reading, listening and communication skills and more.


Dates: 22nd December (Saturday) 

Time: 3:00 - 4:30 PM

Age: 4 - 8 years