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5/25 Blue Beach Road, Neelankrai Chennai, India

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094443 06411


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TREE Foundation works on a primary mission of protecting the fragile marine eco-system and the marine turtle population by developing education programs outlining the land-ocean connection. TREE Foundation focuses on community engagement, education programs and conservation by understanding the interrelation between coastal communities and the marine resources upon which the communities depend. Successful conservation requires a multi-disciplinary approach, where communities and livelihoods are included, facilitating the base for effective change.


 Introduction to turtles in the rescue centre, observing the turtles eating and their habits, activities that help understand about the workings of the marine world. Course kit will be provided. No transport.

Dates: Six-day workshops from Monday to Saturday (9:30 am to 4:00 pm). Starting from April 23

Registration fee: Rs 6000 per participant

About the Event

About the camp: A special workshop by TREE Foundation, this is a golden opportunity for children to learn about the lifestyle of turtles. Right from the hatchlings till the time they are released into the ocean, children will be able to see and observe all.

Participants will get a certificate of participation from TREE Foundation and Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Voluntary Network India.

Contact: Shalini Kumar, Anjali Gopakumar +91-9444306411 / treerootsandshoots@gmail.com

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