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    Shabana Ahmed : Interaction experience ?

    Fri, 17-Nov ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 59154-

  • Mina agarwal: We had on 14th, General questions like academic qualifications, job profile, if my child is going any montessori etc. To son rhymes etc

    Fri, 2017-11-17 11:30
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    Shabana Ahmed : Anyone know how many seats are available? I heard they have many sections?

    Sat, 21-Oct ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58748-

  • aamir.farah: 3 sections and would take around 150 kids..

    Sat, 2017-10-21 10:06
  • 58730-

    Tanmoy Mukherjee : Hello parents. Frank Anthony will publish the list of selected candidates for interaction on 21st October.

    Wed, 18-Oct ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58730-

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    anirav : When will the school announce vacancy for grade 1 ?

    Tue, 03-Oct ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58554-

  • Rokaiya Ahmed: In the month of Feb.

    Tue, 2017-10-03 10:34
  • 58491-

    Shabana Ahmed : On our form the date for short listed candidates is 21st October 2017. How have you already gone through interactions? Are you applying for nursery?

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    Anaya Yusuf : Interaction started

    Fri, 15-Sep ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58463-

  • Shabana Ahmed: How do they communicate? I have been waiting. Form submitted last week.

    Fri, 2017-09-22 16:37
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    sachin sharma : How was your interaction today @Vehaan Gagneja ?

    Mon, 11-Sep ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58367-

  • Vehaan Gagneja: As per us, it was good, majority of the questions were asked to child only...we were only asked where we work rest all was asked to child.

    Mon, 2017-09-11 11:55
  • Khyati: Faps has started admission for the next year?

    Mon, 2017-09-11 13:08
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    anipallavi : In the form there is a space for 'local guardian details'. what should i fill? i am the guardian and stay in kolkata only. are they asking for other contact information?

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    anipallavi : Can anyone tell me how to download Frank Anthony form. Online link not opening.

    Fri, 08-Sep ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 58246-

  • Mina agarwal: Open the school website. There are 3 notices. You can find it there.

    Fri, 2017-09-08 11:07

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