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Admissions | SBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Anna Nagar | Reviews Fees Eligibility

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  • 93628-

    Anktosh Kumar Awasthi-997 : Please let me know how to login in below Site https://www.fascampuscare.org/

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  • 84129-

    KAVYA M ANNIGERI-953 : Good Day, when you start for admission 2019-20 , Team Cluny,Can I please have a admission for my Daughter for grade 8. Pls advice on procedure as i was not able to get application form .thank you

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  • 82790-

    Krishnapriya91-996 : Admission for 9th standard 2019 - 2020

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  • Gowtham: Admission will starts in April '19 ending for the academic year 2019 -20 , school will acknowledge on the basis of availability of seats for class IX.

    Mon, 2018-09-24 10:02
  • 81530-

    Arjun R : Hi, I am Transferring from Bangalore to Chennai. My kid is 2.6 years old. I am looking for Pre KG School . Let me know Can I get admission for schools ?, Anyone please let me know the details. Thanks, Arjun.R

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  • 81381-

    loydgem16-993 : what is the fee structure for lkg

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  • 80641-

    jaikaran1981-917 : Need to know the academic fee structure for 5th to 7th standard, in matriculation and cbse syllabus.

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  • 69104-

    Anand A : Any reviews on SBOA matric Anna nagar..

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  • Kumudha K's picture

    Kumudha K: It is an excellent school with good teachers and is good in extra curricular activities also...

    Sat, 2018-04-28 12:32
  • 66582-

    sayeevaibhavsuresh-900 : what are the groups available for class 11.

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  • 62507-

    Sala Meyappan : is admissions going for Std 3 , kindly let me know the fees structure

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  • 59790-

    Rahul : School has started online admission process for 2018-19.

    Tue, 12-Dec ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 59790-

  • 54717-

    Monika : School has informed to submit a Request Letter at the school premises for Admission for the academic year 2017-18. Regards, SchoolConnects Team

    Wed, 01-Feb ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 54717-

  • 53288-

    schoolconnects : Dear Parents, As we clarified in our follow up, the matriculation school has reported issue of admission forms since Dec 15. We request parents who have applied or selected, to share any details that might help other parents. -SchoolAdmissionInfo Team

    Mon, 29-Dec ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 53288-

  • 53265-

    schoolconnects : Parents have reported that the forms are not being issued yet. We will follow with the follow up with school to clarify and we apologize if the update has caused any inconvenience. SchoolAdmissionInfo Team

    Mon, 15-Dec ReplyView RepliesHide Replies 53265-

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