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  • 7th-class Science Chapter 30

    Though a small continent, Europe has a great variation of climate. ... The main vegetation types...
  • 7th-class Science Chapter 22

    Our body is sensitive to specific particles in the environment, and these particles are called...
  • 7th-class Science Chapter 21

    The nervous system or the neural system is a complex network of neurons specialized to carry...
  • 7th-class Science Chapter 20

    Life of every organism depends on certain basic processes. Excretion is one among them....
  • 7th-class Science Chapter 5

    Heat is internal energy that flows from a system of relatively high temperature to one at a...
  • 7th-class Maths Chapter 19

    Collection of information is called data. Data can be represented graphically to give a clear...
  • 7th-class Maths Chapter 14

    If two or more parts of a figure are identical after folding or flipping then it is said to...
  • 7th-class Maths Chapter 18

    The perimeter of a plane figure is the length of its boundary. Unit of perimeter is centimeter...
  • 7th-class Maths Chapter 17

    The Construction of Triangle is controlled by the congruential theorems. For Construction of Δs...
  • 7th-class Maths Chapter 16

    When two triangles are congruent they will have exactly the same three sides and exactly the...

7th Class Chapter No 26 - Industries their need and classification in Social for ICSE

Classification of Industries :
1. Raw material
  • Agro-based industries
  • Mineral based industries
  • Marine-based industries
  • Forest-based industries
2. Size
  • Small-scale industries
  • Large-scale industries
3. Ownership
  • Private sector
  • Public sector
  • Joint sector 
  • Cooperative sector
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