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206 Pages ACE Worksheets helps your child to Know, Understand, Learn and Adjust to the new eco-system outside; it helps them to steal a march over their peers. Pre-KG / Nursery Kids 206 Activities Early Learning Skill Development Practice Worksheets (Ag


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These worksheets have converted the Pre-KG stage into 206 virtual steps that you will see your child scale up one after the other in a year;
Your Child will love to learn new concepts every day and learns them automatically by DOING! Once finished, they are ready to enter their Kindergarten School with enthusiasm and confidence.
Getting to know things, people, items, places, practices etc.
There will be no writing involved. Hand / finger and eye co-ordination, children have a lot of fun and pride in coloring activities using soft finger friendly crayons.

Coverage: Hand printing, Finger printing, Thumb impressions, Pattern formations, Matching, Scribbling, Shapes, Colors, Cloths, Toys, Lines, Curves, Alphabets, Paper tearing & pasting, Nature, Animals, Birds, Tracing, Fruits, Vegetables, Onion Print, Capsicum printing, Safety, People at work, Vehicles, Numbers, Good habits etc

More than 1.60 lac Mothers across India have used these comprehensive and colorful ACE worksheets in the last 7 years and are satisfied with its Value-for-Money benefits.

An excellent birth-day-gift a child can use and cherish for the entire year.

Hundreds of parents have already used them as a return-gift during their child's birthday functions. It can productively engage your child during long holidays and during summer vacations - helps the child re-cap the concepts!

About Publisher

3H Learning provides educational material for Schools.

The comprehensive packages combine traditional methods with modern technological tools to involve the student’s Head (Know), Heart (Feel) and Hands (Do).

Worksheets for Kids, worksheets for Nursery, Worksheets for Preschool.