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PKG - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF)

The concepts in the Pre-KG worksheets include Pre-Writing, Numbers, Alphabets, Fruits & Vegetables, Animal Life, Colors, Things Around Us. It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum.


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Key features of the worksheet:
1.A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.Total of 200 pages.
3.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum

Topics Covered in Pre-Writing:
1.Prewriting Alphabets
2.Prewriting Numbers

Topics Covered in Pre-KG Numbers:
1.Count & Write
2.Circle the same number
3.Match the same number
4.Circle the next number
5.Match the next number
6.Count & Match
7.Count & Match from the group
8.Write the next Number

Topics Covered in Pre-KG Fruits & Vegetables:
1.Colour the correct colors of the fruit
2.Match the smaller one with bigger one
3.Match the same fruit
4.match the same vegetables
5.Tick the vegetables and cross the fruits the same fruit
7.colour only fruit the same vegetable only vegetable
10.count only fruits and write
11.count only Vegetable and write
12.count the number of fruits
13.count the number of vegetables
14.shadow matching (fruits)
15.shadow matching (vegetables)
16.count and circle the particular fruits
17.count and circle the particular vegetables
18.match the fruits with their colours
19.match the fruits with colours
20.match the same vegetables the fruit and cross the vegetable
22.colour the fruit
23.colour the vegetable
24.count only vegetables & color the number
25.count only fruits & color the number
26.what comes next ( fruits and vegetables )

Topics Covered in Pre-KG Animal Life:
1.Match the animals with their food
2.Match the animals with their babies
3.Match the animals which can fly
4.tick the animals live in water
5.Animals and habitats

Topics Covered in Pre-KG Colors:
1.Match the same color
2.Colour the same Color
3.Colour the balloons the odd one out
5.Colour the traffic lights
6.Sketch the rainbow in their colours
7.Colour the number in red and alphabet in green

Topics Covered in Pre-KG Things Around Us:
1.Match the shapes
2.Circle the outdoor game and cross the indoor game
3.Can you see me in your play area?
4.Tick the good habits and cross the bad habits
5.Tick the straight line and cross the cured line
6.Tick the heavier objects and cross the lighter objects
7.Match the same instruments
8.Tick the uses of water
9.Match the vehicles
10.Match the following
11.Circle appropriate
12.Do's & Dont's
13.Do i grow

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