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LKG Kids ACE All-in-One Worksheets 320 pages (KG 1) and Montessori (3-5 yrs) (English, Mathematics, General Knowledge / EVS, Hindi & Fun Colouring Combo) loose leaf workbook Surprise your child with one worksheet every day. Sustain the interest & curios


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Product Code: wk3 Producer: 3H Learning

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Reasons why you should not miss these LKG (KG 1 and Montessori 3-5 yrs) 320 Pages Early Learning Worksheets for (kids)your child (age 3-5).
320 Page ACE Worksheets for kindergarten, worksheets for nursery, worksheets for LKG, Preschool books, Preschool activities, It connects activities with class-room curriculum. Surprise your child with one worksheet every day. Sustain the interest & curiosity through out the year! Every sheet covers 2 Self - Learning Objectives! The Child learns them automatically by DOING!

Gold mine of information with school curriculum based activities and exercises in all subjects of KG 1 and Montessori 3-5 yrs.

Fun based worksheets – your child can understand the basics and key concepts with absolute ease; enhances the creativity through various activities.

‘Essential Must-Learn’ building-blocks of KGs converted into 320 virtual steps.

The charm of seeing your child scaling one-step-after-the-other right before your eyes for the entire year is amazing.

Objectives that connects activities with curriculum that helps your child stay ahead of their peers in LKG!

With 1 Worksheet-a-day, spend 'Quality - Time' with your child the entire year.

100% colorful; Cost effective; Around 1.60 lac satisfied mothers across India in the last 7 yrs.

'Productively Engage' your child during long holidays or summer vocations!

Used in progressive Schools spread across 375 towns in S.India.

About Publisher

3H Learning provides educational material for Schools.

The comprehensive packages combine traditional methods with modern technological tools to involve the student’s Head (Know), Heart (Feel) and Hands (Do).

Worksheets for Kids, worksheets for Nursery, Worksheets for Preschool.