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No.463,1st Block,Mogappair West,Chennai-37

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08148765629, 07200474632



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It could be a parent's biggest anxiety. The deadline for their child's project work is approaching and he or she wants it to be the best exhibit in the class or at the fair. The family stays up late, downloads content from the internet and shops for various paraphernalia in pursuit of a good report from the teacher.Realizing the pressure on the parents, more and more schools, as the season for science fairs get under way, have decided to make it a stress-free exercise. Apart from insisting that the students work on the project in the class itself, some schools are fixing a ceiling on the cost of the models they display. SS School Projects decrease the workload from the parents and also help the child in understanding the complexities required in making a project. They provide projects and models of various subjects which enrich the knowledge of the students.


School Project Makers & Suppliers
We provide various types of projects :
1. Thermacol Based Projects
2. Lighting Based Projects
3. Alarm Based Projects
4. Science Project and Experiment Based Models
5. Anatomy and Cell Based Models
6. Motor Based Models
Thermacol Based Models :
It includes Home, Hospital, Park, Police Station, Volcano, Temple, China Wall and Taj Mahal models.
Lighting Based Models :
It includes Traffic Signal, Day & Night effect, Sound & Vibration Detect Model, etc.
Alarm Based Models :
It includes Car Theft Model, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm, etc.
Science Based Models :
It includes Solar, Windmill, Earthquake, Airplane, Solar System, Hydrolic Models, etc.