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  • Yoga is not a practise - it is the life itself. Masters have lived it. Their teaching was part of their living. Of course all beings are born with it but loose contact with it in the course of living as life and living have become different especially to the modern man. Those who have lived their life fully moment by moment to the fullest possible extent were the known Masters of the east. There lived many and are still living many unnoticed.The most spectacular thing with such great souls is that they do not feel anything special in them. They remain in their ordinariness. Whatever they handle will have that natural spontaneity whether it is hard labour, music, art, dance or meditation. They lived fully by becoming one with life and its base silence and hence they were full and complete beings. That state of completeness, complete ordinariness, and seeing perfection in all seemingly imperfect units of creation are the basis of beauty in them. Life for them is beautiful. That beauty they radiated in their vicinity. They lived it. They left their mortal abode with the same beauty. That beauty is still continuing in the minds of those who moved with them while they lived, and still live with those pure beings who are inherited from them.Siva Raja Yoga is such an inherited tradition from rare beings like Thiru Moolar. The Basic text of Siva Raja Yogam is Thiru Mandiram written by Thiru Moolar who was a contemporary of Maharshi Patanjali who lived 2600 years ago.
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