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  • #8/4, State Bank Officers Colony, 1st Street, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600106. & #18, 1st Floor, 1st Main Road, New Colony, Chromepet, Chennai - 600044.
  • We believe our staff is our biggest asset. We have highly skilled and experience therapists. We provide continuous support and encouragement in their education, and providing them with a fun and supportive environment are key to our success.Our therapists are dedicated to providing personal and caring services for our patients. Children are matched with a therapist who fits their individual needs, thus developing relationships that enhance the consistency and effectiveness of the therapy we provide. Many of our therapists have advanced training in Neuro development Therapy, Sensory Integration, high level Orthopedic instruction and other specialties. We believe using a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to a child’s specific needs is one of the key elements in a child’s success.
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  • Our Mission :^Our mission is to rehabilitate the child by providing appropriate and focused therapy in a natural and compassionate environment. Each treatment is tailor made to suit the needs of individual child and the therapist work collaboratively with them and with their families.,Our Goal :^~ Provide complete evaluation, quality assessment and best treatment to Special Children. ~Provide expert consultation, resources and in-service training to schools, parent support programs and professionals ~Provide research opportunities for students and professionals.,Our Services :^♦ Occupational Therapy ♦ Sensory Integration Therapy ♦ Behavioral Therapy ♦ Physiotherapy ♦ Neurodevelopmental Therapy ♦ Speech Therapy ♦ Special Education ♦ Psychological Assessment & Counselling ♦ Yoga Therapy,Benefits :^Children with the following medical problems may benefit from our treatment : * Cerebral Palsy * Sensory Processing/Integrative Disorders * Dyslexia * Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders * Autism and Related Disorders * Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder * Developmental Delay * Down syndrome * Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis * Orthopedic Problems * Birth Injuries Or Birth Defects * Spina Bifida * Hydrocephalus * Other Neurological Deficits etc.,,Treatment & Evaluation :^Our evaluation assesses a child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, handwriting skills, daily living skills, oral motor skills, and sensory processing skills. The use of standardized assessment tools, non-standardized assessment tools, parent interview, and clinical observations are done to assess the child’s performance. Our Therapist provides intervention that helps children to develop appropriate social, play, and learning skills. The therapist aids the child in achieving and maintaining normal daily tasks. Treatment focuses mainly on sensory integration therapy, which includes vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile stimulation.,What they have with them?^We are equipped with all latest equipments. Our centre is spreaded for about 3000 Sq Ft of area. Our centre is fully Air Conditioned. Our therapist are well experienced and highly qualified professional. Children are handled by one to one attention. Appropriate Counseling and Guidance are given to children and to their parents. We have Tie-up with schools to place the children after rehabilitation. We provide latest and custom made treatment to best suit the needs of children. We conduct regular workshop to bring awareness. Our Centre is located at center of city. We provide periodic reports and feedback to doctors and parents about the prognosis of the child. We do timely follow up and review with the parents. We have obtained above 90% of success rate. We have successfully rehabilitated more than 5000 children. We have established with good reputation in our journey of 7 years in this services.