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Saaral Swimming Academy


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No.11, Othavadai Street, Selavayil, Madhavaram, Chennai - 600 051. (Pope John Garden opp)

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90031 01900



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Saaral Swimming Academy started in 2004, is formed with the objective of imparting high level Training to the youth in the field of “Swimming” with an Aim of producing state and National level sports persons ( 14 years of Learning Experience ). We at the Foundation believe that besides Academics, Sport helps develop good citizens, who are knowledgeable, confident, balanced, and possess strong character and leadership attributes. Competitions For Adults 300 Medals Achieved in Inter-School, Districk level, State level Competitions Features & Facilities at the Academy: ❖ North Chennai first swimming Coaching Center for kids and adults. ❖ Our Coaches all NIS Qualifying. ❖ 3 Life Security Guards, Attenders and Manager of the swimming pool will be alert 100% to watch the swimming while coaching time. We are also providing Swimming Classes For Toddlers in Chennai, that are executed by expert professionals. New swimmers usually learn straight-arm freestyle first, but bent-arm freestyle has its advantages.We hold expertise in holding these Baby Swimming Classes. It is important to know the size and attributes of your swimming facility. Feel free to contact us for more details. Clients can avail from us Swimming Classes For Adult that is taken care by professionals. Our Swimming Instructors have hard earned reputation of offering personalized and efficient service that has positioned us as one of the noted service provider for effective Swimming Classes. The school has two swimming pools for students each of them well maintained, one being the toddler's and the other for the seniors. Regular classes are given to the students. Besides this and various inter house and inter school swimming competitions are held regularly.

Courses Offered

Karate classes
Karate training is something that many youngsters aspire to undertake, especially during their summer holidays. But what is the history of this fascinating martial art. Karate training offers many benefits for young children. Improved physical fitness, superior mind-body coordination, and self-discipline are just some of the characteristics of a martial art practitioner, that immediately come to mind. Let's look at these benefits of Karate training for children.
Other Description

Keeping children interested in their martial arts training requires an element of fun and games. Before you enrol your child, sit through a couple of Karate training classes to get an idea of the training style.

Badminton Coaching Classes
Badminton courts have had a string of evolution. the wooden courts to provide better bounce and help prevent injuries, this sport has had a huge transformation.
Other Description

Wooden courts are the standard courts that are laid out at sports venues. These wooden courts are then converted into synthetic courts with an overlaid mat. Some people prefer playing on the wooden courts while some people opt for synthetic courts but both the surfaces are equally good to play.

Swimming Classes by Saaral Swimming Academy
Saaral Swimming Academies offering swimming classes in North Chennai, monsoon can never be a reason for your kids to miss out on learning to swim. While babies know to swim right from birth, it is up to us to hone the skill and better them at it. Apart from being a fun thing to do, swimming also helps kids to exercise their arms and legs, improve concentration, prevent childhood obesity, and improve balance and posture.
Swimming can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or ability. Saaral is the best place to head if you want to have some fun while learning a few strokes along with your kid. The academy offers a parent-toddler program which teaches the nuances of swimming like breath control, safe entry and exit into the water etc. The academy also insists that one parent be inside the pool during the class. Also, if your baby is not potty trained yet, make sure you use a swimming diaper. The class is full of rhymes, colourful toys and other things which are perfect for babies to get rid of their fear and have fun.

❖ Basic level Swimming Coaching
❖ Advance level Swimming Coaching
❖ Intermediate level Swimming Coaching
❖ Competition Level Swimming Coaching
❖ Badminton (Wooden Flooring at Indoor stadium)
❖ Fitness Center and Karate
❖ Skating ( Coming Soon)
❖ Party Hall ( For Rent )