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5/11 Rutland Gate, 4th Street Chennai, India

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098404 27691



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Centrally located studio space available for hourly rent for classes & workshops, Photo & Video shoots, Private events and Pop-ups & Exhibitions.

Courses Offered

Children's Yoga Teacher Certification
The certification course to teacher Yoga to Children at a1000yoga Academy is designed by experienced Master yoga teachers and children’s health and education professionals. This course is registered under the Yoga Alliance, USA’s RCYS (Registered Children’s Yoga School).
Other Description
The course includes the following
• Study and understanding of all childhood developmental stages, how the issues of each stage impacts what is appropriate for teaching them.
• Understanding of the yoga teacher’s relationships with parents/guardians and developmental specialists, communication skills for conducting those relationships.
• Yoga-based practices appropriate for child development such as asanas, asana-based movement, yoga-based games and activities, breathing techniques and chanting.
• Detailed study of classroom techniques, lesson plans and group processing for children’s activities
• Age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class and effective communication skills for working with children.
• Anatomy and physiology related specifically to changes during child development and their application to yoga techniques.
• Apprenticeship and Group work - executing a Yoga workshop for children.

Objective: The course is designed to equip yoga teachers with knowledge and first- hand experience of teaching yoga to children according to their developmental stage in a safe, fun and enriching manner.

Eligibility: Yoga Teacher Training Certification from any recognized yoga school, some teaching experience will be most helpful. (Exceptions accepted on a case-by-case basis – meet TTC student counselor in person for acceptance into program)
Assessment: Theory, Teaching and Presentation - 70% passing mark

Attendance: 90% attendance mandatory

Assignment: 10 hour teaching post course.

Fee: INR 45,000/- Per Participant (ATY Alumni receive 10% discount)

To register, write to: ttc@rutlandgatestudio.com

Past Events

Vinyasa Krama workshop

Vinyasa krama is the art of sequential variations within prescribed parameters.

The Sanskrit syllables for vinyasa krama are defined in this way:

vi – variation

nyasa – within prescribed parameters

krama – sequence

Other Description

There are four parameters in vinyasa krama: sthira (steadiness), suhka (comfort), prayatna (effort of life, which is breathing), and saithilya (smooth and long breathing). They are set out in these two yoga sutras: II-46 “steadiness and comfort characterize the yogic posture (asana)”; and, II-47 “by making the breath smooth (and long), and focusing the mind on the breath, the perfection of the posture is obtained.” (Ramaswami pointed out that Krishnamacharya interpreted sutra II-47 as focusing the mind on the breath and not on the asana or posture, as some teachers might suggest.)

Krama is the special and appropriate individual steps taken as the process of exploring and mastering, that is becoming established in each asana. These steps though related for each person are also completely unique for each individual and their development.

In this workshop you will learn and experience a Vinyasa krama practice that is true to its tradition.

Requirement: atleast 3 months of Yoga practice. Please bring your own mats.