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Robotix Lab Research Academy


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#11, 2nd Floor, 16th Avenue, Harrington road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600 031.

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+91 - 44 28362019



About Partner

Robotix Lab Research Academy was started with the sole aim of reaching the knowledge on THE NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY, ROBOTICS to the people of all age groups with different understanding levels. As our Researchers found Robotics can be a fun stepping-stone for getting a child interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects that can lead to amazing careers later in life developed CARP- A Curriculum Aligned Robotic Program for school students from Class1 to class12 which is well appreciated and happening in various Schools in Chennai and Tamilnadu where our associates are available in the schools to support in teaching Robotics as part of their Curriculum.

Courses Offered

Robotics Classes by Robotix Lab Research Academy
CARP is an initiative of Robotix Lab Research Academy. We have developed an extensive syllabus on Robotics for the School students starting from Class 1 to Class – 12, which is being accepted as a part of the curriculum in the schools. The syllabus on Robotics has been aligned along the lines of the Science and Mathematics syllabus that the students learn in the classrooms. Instructional Methods: We provide two Trainers on our payrolls to handle this program within school and school hours as per the convenient period allocation of schools

Fun Robotics Level I
Fun Robotics Level-II (with take away kit)
Early Learning Robotics Level-I
Introduction to Humanoid
Early learning Robotics –Level II -Maze Solving and competition solutions
NXT TO EV3 Level I
Industrial Automation- Understanding Robotic Arm (with take away kit)
Droid – o – botics
General App Inventor
Classical Robotics Level -1 (COVERS TAKE AWAY KIT)
Classical Robotics Level -2 (COVERS TAKE AWAY KIT)
Classical Robotics Level -3 (COVERS TAKE AWAY KIT)
Programming Robots Using Arduino (COVERS TAKE AWAY KIT)
Fun Fischertechnik
Fischertech technicals