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Prof KK Anand's Science And Mathematics Academy for Real Talents


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Lady Sivaswamy Iyer Girls Hr. Sec. School Sundareshwaran stret, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004.

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95000 23248



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SMART Alumni is delighted to present this Website for all concerned and interested. It is an important step forward to make the information regarding the revolutionary contributions by KK Anand Sir through Science and Mathematics Academy for Real Talents (SMART) in the field of specialized education for talented students, be available and easily accessible. It is sheer lack of awareness that many bright students are not availing the golden opportunities provided by SMART for their advancement in knowledge and aptitude. Infact, there are many students and parents who have repented a lot for either not knowing about KK Anand Sir, Or not knowing the actual quality of training imparted by him. There are also students who have repented either for joining late or for missing the foundation course etc. The Alumni consisting of such students as well, has strongly felt that it will be in the best interest of the student community to disseminate the information pertaining to the courses offered by SMART and the benefits derived by the students. We sincerely wish that this humble contribution will generate enough awareness and benefit many more students. We have taken enough care to honestly address many relevant important issues and make this website be a true portrayal of the ground realities. We are nevertheless not demeaning the contributions made by other institutes for IIT-JEE training at Chennai. Hope that our sincere intentions are well received by the students and parents.

Courses Offered

Basic SMART - Olympiad Excellence Program
The Prof KK Anand's Science And Mathematics Academy for Real Talents is the best institute for preparing students for Olympiads in Tamil Nadu. It also provides training for JEE (IIT/NIIT), NEET/AIIMS Entrance training. Some of the Courses offered are given below.
Basic SMART - Olympiad Excellence Program
This course is offered to the students of Classes I, II, III, IV and V. Details about the Course :
1) Preparation towards National Level Maths and Science Olympiads conducted by SOF, unifies council and Silver zone for which Smart is an Authorized Examination Centre.

2) Introduction to non - Routine problem solving in mathematics.
The course is offered to the students of classes VI, VIII, IX and X. Details :
1)Preparation towards Maths Olympiad Exams of advance level Viz, NMCT conducted by AMTI , RMO & INMO