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    Umesh Bharti : what is the admission charges & quarterly fee for class 8th

    Mon, 05-Mar Reply
  • S B Pandey: Admission Fees Rs.80,000 Tuition Rs.,61,250 - This is for LKG, fees for grade 8 would be similar.

    Mon, 2018-03-05 09:57

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    Vibhamehta74-965 : Admission is there or not for class 8.....if admission is there so please tell me about the fees structure ....

    Tue, 20-Feb Reply

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    Dilip Kumar-995 : From available for 3&6

    Thu, 15-Feb Reply
  • Dilip Kumar-995: Available sets for 3 & 6 class

    Mon, 2018-02-19 13:09

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    mail.anuragkumar-790 : Dear sirI have recently been transferred to NCR from Lucknow . My two daughters have to take admissions in 9th and 6th for 2018-19 session. How to apply 4 Cambridge?

    Thu, 15-Feb Reply

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    aakritisingh3317-880 : Form updation for 7th standard for session 2018-19

    Mon, 08-Jan Reply

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    Sapna Nijhara : Please tell me the students: teacher ratio ?

    Sat, 09-Sep Reply
  • Abhishek Bansal: In almost every school student to teacher ratio is 15:1..

    Sat, 2017-09-09 12:25

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    Negi Pankaj : How many seats are there in St teresa Indirapuram. Yesterday i went there for interaction. Some points i noticed their Arrangement was better than other schools. Give proper time for interaction both parents and child. now both results of St tersa and Cambridge will be out on 5th sep. cambridge is slightly costlier than St terea after 2 yr.

    Mon, 04-Sep Reply

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    Ridhika Ramani : Amity Internation School Vasundhra Sec 6, Fees is 79550 at the time of admission which includes Quarter 1 fees. This does not include transport, books and uniform fees. Quarterly fees is 24000. Transport fee is 2000 approx may vary for different locations. School is centrally air conditioned, has a decent size sports ground. The student teacher ratio for nursery is 30-35 students, 2 teachers and 1 maid. Admission process : Fill up online admission form, a unique ID and password will get generated. This link is to be referred for all future communication with the school.On submission you will get a date, time and venue for a written exam which has to be given by parents. Here presence of both parents is mandatory. You are given approx 30mins to complete the paper. Paper requires general information about child, both parents, grand parents both maternal and paternal. Also it has 10-15 questions on parenting like how do you spend time with your kid, what if the child throws tantrums etc. After submission of paper, keep checking the status of application online if short listed then the status of application will change to short listed and you will be called for interaction date and time will be mentioned in the status page usually gets updated within 24-48hrs. On the day of interaction you will meet with the principal. it will be very short interaction not more than 5 mins where you will be asked to tell something about yourself. nothing was asked from child. Post this your final result will be updated on the status page again it takes 24-48 hrs to update the result. If selected then you will be asked to depost fee within 4 days. Overall the admission process with school was very well organised and very professional.

    Thu, 31-Aug Reply

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