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No.3/3, PAN Rajarathinam 7th Street, Old Washermenpet Chennai, India

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We introduce our state of art training center with advance facilities and unique course modules with aim of implementing activity based learning from grass root.

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Robotics Classes by Otomatiks
Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.We provide robotics training which is of with following benefits:

According to the theory of Multiple Intelligence, there are 8 basic types of intelligence's:
1. Spatial - This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye.
2. Linguistic - deals with words, spoken or written.
3. Logical -Mathematical - deals with logic, abstractions, reasoning, and numbers.
4. Kinesthetic - deals with the core elements of the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and capacity to handle objects skilfully.
5. Musical - deals with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music.
6. Inter-personal - deals with interaction with others.
7. Intra-personal - deals with introspective and self-reflective capacities.
8. Naturalist - deals with nature, nurturing and relating information to one's natural
Traditional learning methods focus mainly on Linguistic and logical mathematical intelligence. This leads to a skewed evaluation system as student good in these two areas performs considerably better over students good in other areas.

Robotics Learning System Methodology: Robotics stimulates 6 of the above mentioned Multiple Intelligence's (except no. 5 & 8).

Robotics session consists of theoretical concepts and a new hands-on-activity. The activities are designed to make sure that the student is involved in the entire learning process. Each activity is broken down as follows:
• Defining the problem
• Gathering of possible solutions
• Analysis of viable options
• Choosing the best possible option
• Stepwise execution
• Designing the robot
• Building the logic
• Programming the robot
• On field testing of robot
• Making successive iterations if required

Robotics Education within school premises gives opportunity to students to have easy access to learning tool and resources. As per survey the booming job opportunities will be mainly based on robotics for another 35 years!

You can choose us because

• We Believe, that we are the only Robotics Academy created
4 National Level,
6 South India Level,
4 State Level,
3 District Level,
More than 25 school levels Winner….

• We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

• Till date, We made our students to participate in 10 competitions.
In which, we took away eight (8) 1st prizes, Two(2) 2nd prize and we lost One (1). Here all were the open competitions with minimum participants of 2000 students and more…

• We don’t think that only our robotics training alone lead these many ways to success…. It is because… Where our secret lies….

• The above Achievements are made within 1.5 years of time from the date we started our robotics training!

• 90% of the above mentioned winners are average or below average students… We trained them. We molded them. We made them realize their talent in them. And we created a new milky way which could lead their career with success.

• Our enthusiastic team with talented engineers was trained in such a way to get deep into student’s soul and realize them what actually they were in need..

• Our punctual polite attitude with no fake promises and false convincing aspects will lead to a result oriented teaching methodology..

• We are proud enough that our quality service lead way to our student’s
• Finally our actions speak louder than our words..