SchoolConnects launches Kindergarten Worksheets for PreKg, LKG & UKG syllabus for as low as Rs.1 per Worksheet

Kindergarten Worksheets

How can parents ensure that kids enjoy studying, learn the concepts well and understand the basics? How can they ensure that it is fun and it encourages kids to apply their mind? The answer is simple - WORKSHEETS

Kindergarten kids love the pictorial learning and the activities that worksheets provide. It encourages kids to strengthen their aptitude and logical reasoning.

SchoolConnects is making this useful study aid curated and prepared by experts in the field of education available at a very low cost of Rs.1 per worksheet. These Soft Copy of worksheets cover all the concepts that are included in the KG syllabus and those that are needed by the little ones to enjoy learning and enhance their skills and abilities.


PreKg Worksheets SoftCopy
The concepts in the Pre-KG worksheets include
Pre-Writing, Numbers, Alphabets, Fruits & Vegetables, Animal Life, Colors, Things Around Us.

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LKG Worksheets SoftCopy
LKG worksheets include concepts of Alphabets, Colors, Around Us, Words, Fruits & Vegetables, Days & Months, Sense Organs & the Human Body, Seasons, Plants & Food, Animal Life, Numbers, Shapes.

UKG Worksheets SoftCopy
The concepts of UKG include Vowels, Words, Numbers, Things Around Us, Animal Life, Days & Months, Seasons, Human Body.

Soft Copy Bundle of PREKG & LKG Worksheets
Combo of PREKG & LKG Worksheets at Rs.300/-

Soft Copy Bundle of LKG & UKG Worksheets
Combo of LKG & UKG Worksheets at Rs.300/-

Soft Copy Bundle of PREKG, LKG & UKG Worksheets
Combo of PREKG, LKG & UKG Worksheets at Rs.500/-

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