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Kids Summer Camps 2018

Guide to plan your Summer Camps

Curtains down for the long academic year that went past. Summer is here and its time to laze around for most part of the day, watch television for long hours, play gully cricket, hopscotch on the streets, wait for the ice cream vendor to tinkle the bell. OH WAIT!!! This was the summer for the 90s kids, the current generation have a far more advanced and sophisticated things to do for the summer. Summer Camps, Workshops, Music lessons, Nature Camps, Sports Camps and what not. There are numerous camps lined up for this summer that are exciting, adventurous and useful. There is still a debate on whether these summer camps need to be encouraged for the kids or should they just be let free after a strenuous academic year. When asked a popular camp organizer in Chennai, they have a good point in stating “ During the academic year, the kids do not have time to spend and learn at a continuous period of time and courses like robotics, science workshops do need to have the attention of kids at a relaxed environment where they do not have the stress of academics burdened”. The most popular summer camps this year are the ones on Robotics, STEM based learning, soft skills and junior cooking. Another surprising summer camp in the list is the one that prepares a toddler for school, so it’s easy for the kids to manage the whole new experience of schooling. The more adventurous kids have an interesting list of nature camps, trekking, mountaineering in the wilderness lined up. The creative ones have art classes, music classes, drawing classes, quilling etc. to choose from. The sports loving kids can hone their skills in cricket, football, and badminton classes scheduled around their neighborhood. Most of these camps are making it more parent-friendly by arranging transport pickup for the kids, giving a progress on the kid’s performance, some include lunch as well. If parents want to use the time during the holidays with their kids, some nature camps are being organized for the child and the parents. Cost of these summer camps vary anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.10000 depending on the type you choose. It is going to be one fun summer of learning for the kids and make your choices soon before they all fill up. SchoolConnects has complied a comprehensive curated list of these summer camps available to choose from in your city. We are also happy to help you connect with these organizers to choose the best for your child.


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