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YS DIY Microphone Workshop

Location: Adyar I Type: WorkshopI Category: Academics

Academics Venue Information

  • IIT Madras Research Park

  • IIT Madras Research Park , South Chennai



Academics Organizer Information

  • Team Young-Scientist

  •     91-72006 57181 , 73581 61490

  •    E-Mail Website

Academics Event Schedule

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Start Date Sun,Feb 24 2019
End Date Sun,Feb 24 2019
Timings 2:30PM - 4:00PM
Age Range 10+
Standard - Rs.600
Last Registration Date Sat,Feb 23 2019

Overview for YS DIY Microphone Workshop

Class V and above Did you know you can build a mic (microphone) out of an empty matchbox? In this workshop, you can learn how to do just that! Understand the mechanism and working of a mic. Appreciate the science and technology that is used and use basic engineering to build a mic. Please bring the following items for the workshop,

YS DIY Microphone Workshop Event Details

Other Details
Carry Items:


9V Battery with Cap (1)
2-mm Pencil lead (10)
Earphones (1)
Empty Matchbox (1)


Learn the science behind the working of a mic (microphone). You can even take it to your school and impress your science teacher!


Workshop Objectives:


+ Build your own matchbox microphone and take it home! 
+ Learn the basics of electrical engineering and electronics.
+ Gain hands-on experience.


Key Concept: 

+ Transducer
+ Current
+ Resistance
+ Energy convertion