YS Sound Workshop

Location: RA Puram I Type: WorkshopI Category: Academics ,STEM

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  • Thejomaya

  • No : 9,1st Street,India., RA Puram,Chennai-600028

    RA Puram


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Start Date Sun,Nov 11 2018
End Date Sun,Nov 11 2018
Timings 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Age Range 8+
Standard - Rs.550
Last Registration Date Sat,Nov 10 2018

Overview for YS Sound Workshop

  What is sound How is sound created Can you speak on the moon Do explosions in outer space cause any sound Did you know human ears are capable of hearing only a certain range of frequencies What is the Frequency of sound? What is Amplitude What is the treble and bass as seen on speaker settings What is the difference between a sound wave, a radio wave and a water wave  

YS Sound Workshop Event Details

Other Description
Sounds interesting? Do you have the same questions? then join our workshop to learn the answers and do experiments related to sound. We will be demonstrating fun experiments help you understand the basics of acoustics.

Do you want to be a sound engineer? This could be your first sound step in that journey.

Tentative list of Experiments:

Slinky fun
Jumpy balls
Dancing Oobleck
Musical pipes
DIY musical instruments

Key Concepts:

Propagation of Sound
Longitudinal waves
Amplitude, Frequency and Wavelength
Basics of pitch and music