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C-1-112, Block C1, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058

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074062 22118



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We are excited to see your trust in Footprints as your Parenting partner. It is incredible to see many of our Footprints parents choosing to walk with us in nurturing children as a Life-skilled World citizen. Big cheers to the parents who have registered at Footprints Life school for April 2019 Session. We would like to take this opportunity to share some more about Project based learning (PBL).


Footprints: Play School & Day Care Creche
Whether you want to keep your toddler away from that screen that he is slowly getting fascinated by or if it is one of those rainy days where you cannot step out, there is enough you can do to keep him occupied as well as to help his physical development and give him those essential life skills. Here are some handy tips for a day filled with fun. That the activities should give you some coachable moments with the child is an added perk!

Dance– There is nothing quite like those dance moves to not just have a whole lot of fun but also to bond with each other. Take turns to invent new steps and have the other follow them. Not only will the physical exercise have you both in great spirits, the infectious laughter will keep you going for a long time.

Make shadow animals– Switch off the light and take turns to make shadow animals. Add their sound for effect and let the child guess the name of the animal. This one will have the child excited for sure.

Get out all the pillows– Pillows of all shapes and sizes strewn on the floor make for a fun game. Get the child to balance on it, jump atop the pillows and of course topple over. This one is a great way to develop his motor skills. That it will end in a fun pillow fight.
Their are tons of activities for all ages like Sandpit, Story Telling, Dance & Music, Drawing & Coloring, Swings & Slides, TaeKwondo, Yoga, Cutting-Pasting, Numbers Jumping, Fruits, Vegetables etc