Find How to keep your child away from TV and Phone

The current generation of kids in India is exposed to media and gadgets at a very young age. The gadgets and technology is accessible to these kids right from 6 months of age. Research shows that on an average, kids watch 2 - 3 hrs. of television per day. Parents, lacking the ability to keep the kids engaged resort to engaging them with the gadgets. One cannot blame the parents too, gone are the days of playing on the streets, board games, chit chatting with friends, thanks to TVs, Gadgets and Online gaming. has an exclusive offer for its parents from FlintoBox. Interested parents can avail their gift vouchers by registering on this page or writing a mail to or contact +91 9840030851

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Parents are now realizing the harm screen addiction can bring about and are looking out for avenues to engage their little ones. There are indoor play gyms, workshops, STEM based learning classes, sports, dance and music and even cooking classes to keep the kids busy. Another interesting way parents are resorting to keep their kids busy is activity subscription boxes.

Research has shown that Hands-On Activities creates deeper understanding, makes studies exciting and leaves a lasting impact on your children. Subscription boxes engage kids by giving them activities that include the element of playing and learning. Activities such as creating experiments, building small robotics for older kids and for the younger kids role-play, building, crafts etc. Every subscription box ensures that it has the right amount of play and concept of learning, that even parents enjoy these DIY boxes.

There are many subscription boxes based on different themes available for kids these days. SchoolConnects has curated the best ones in the market to help choose the right one for their kids.

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These are just a handful of activity boxes we have curated for our parents. Other notable activity boxes that deserve a mention are Genius Box, CocoMoco Kids and Butterfly fields. Let us know if we have missed to include anything, we can analyze them for you.

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