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Train Your Brain - 2 - Brain Development Workshop Event in Online AllIndia

Brain Development Workshop Information

  • Public
  • April 20 2020 4:00 PM - July 31 2020 6:00 PM ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • Online
  • Online (View Map)
  • 7th,8th,9th,10th

    Come – Fall in Love with Learning. Students are shown how to apply  memory techniques to subjects like Science, Social and English. They remember spellings, long lists, keywords, history dates, science diagrams and long answers.

    We engage their imagination and creativity to remember for longer, never forget again and recall during exams effortlessly



    Come – Improve your Speed and Accuracy. Specially designed set of 30+ worksheets, tips and tricks improves the speed and accuracy of calculations. These 30 + worksheets have been created by taking into account all kinds of calculations used in high school syllabus and finding the easiest method to do the calculations.

    So, your school calculations are faster, more accurate and you can recheck them and avoid silly mistakes.

  • poornapragya.in@gmail.com
  • 6360882721
  • www.poornapragya.in
  • Harini
  • 11,12,13,14,15,16,17
  • 2020-07-27
  • Workshop
  • Online or Digital
  • Scheduled

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