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Openhouse Art & Craft Classes for Kids - Arts and Crafts Camp Event in jayanagar Bangalore

Arts and Crafts Camp Information

  • Public
  • June 01 2022 10:00 AM - December 31 2022 5:00 PM ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • jayanagar
  • Openhouse Learning Hub, Jayanagar 2nd Floor, 220, 9th Main Rd, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560041 (View Map)
  • LKG,UKG,1st
  • Art & Craft for the pre-primary children is a lot more than mere drawing and painting. Openhouse Art & Craft Classes for Kids are designed to keep the child engaged, while activating both, their left and right brain hemispheres to encourage creative and critical thought. Art & Craft helps define their soft motor skills, fine motor skills and coordination abilities in everyday activities.

    Beginner level (Months 1 – 6)

    Painting · Using Colours · Paper Craft · Mixed Art

    On completion of Level 1, students will start showing signs of developing their individual creative thought, with a recognition for colours. By exploring art and craft both, you may also expect their fine motor skills to start developing.

    Intermediate Level (Months 6 – 12)

    Brushwork · Origami · Canvas Art · Patterns

    On completion of Level 2, students will begin to create their own pieces of artwork, stemming from unique creative thought. By exploring more intensive practices such as origami and pattern design, they will be encouraged to explore their own patterns and ways of creating craft material.

    Advanced Level (Months 12+)

    Stencil Art · Dye Art · 3D Craft · Material Exploration

    On completion of Level 3, students will be able to create more skilled pieces of art work through different materials and techniques, instilling in them the creative confidence to explore their individual and unique paths.

    By the end of three months, students will also begin to participate in showcases and performances.

    Certification: Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete two showcases within 6 months with above 85% attendance for their regular classes and then move on to the next level.


    For any further details or to register for the class request a call back from the Openhouse team.

  • sajja.shivani@openhouse.study
  • 9080714340
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  • 2022-12-30
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