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62/1C.1st Floor.Chamiers Apartments.Off Chamiers Road.R A Puram.Chennai-600028 Evam's Happy Cow

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Happy Cow is evam’s children education division. An experiential platform which provides education through different theatre forms. It is an Experiential learning platform which provides behavioral skills development and education through theatre forms like Mime, puppetry, shadow theatre, Speech and drama etc. Happy Cow aims at developing Cognitive and Life skills of the individual. The concentration skills and creativity of the child are stimulated through our specially designed modules. Through Happy Cow, we tap into the child’s potential and in turn help them develop their Standards of speech, communication, presentation and performance skills.

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BigHero6 module by Evam's Happy Cow
Last few slots left!

Every Tuesday - 4 to 6 pm. Starts today!!
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Evam's Happy cow's - BigHero6 module - Leadership through theatre, in association with Curioplay.

Past Events

Evam's Happy Cow (evam's Children education division) presents, "The Day the Crayons Kwit Quit" by Jugaad co. 


Evam's Happy Cow (evam's Children education division) presents, "The Day the Crayons Kwit Quit" by Jugaad co. 

Written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Jeff Oliver, this is a delightful little book about how all the crayons in the box are protesting about something or the other. They all have a genuine problem and have had enough. So they decide to quit.

Using parts of the book, we’ve used visual and musical elements to bring alive the problems of the crayons on stage. There are fire engines, waterfalls, seas, skies, Santa's sleigh, a fashion show all of which help to highlight the crayons’ problem. This play is 45 mins of high energy engagement with the kids as we transport them into the world of the crayons.

We’ve modified a couple of really popular songs to communicate what's happening on stage and to get our tiny people to sing along with us.At the end of the day, all we want the kids to do is explore new things and try to do things differently. 

Evam's Happy Cow in association with Jhoola Activity Centre presents a fun-filled summer camp - Shadow Theatre for Children! Workshop context will be set up. The activities will aim at enabling the children losing their inhibitions with the help of theatre based ice breakers.
Introducing Shadows & Lights and Patterns:
Shadows are introduced with objects of different sizes and shapes and how they can experiment with the same.

Children are introduced to the various patterns, that light can make with the help of different sources of light.
Shadow Stories – Solo/ Group:
Child uses his/her own body to create shadows and tell stories. They are exposed to different experiments on how emotions will be exhibited through shadows. Formations that can be created using their own bodies as an individual and group will be explored.
Shadow Puppets:
A two step process which will introduce the child to how a puppet is used in a shadow play. The child also creates a puppet of their own and it’s customized by giving the puppet a name and a background (Characterization). Imagination and Creativity plays a
key role in this activity.
Play creation:
Children are divided into groups and are asked to create a play using their own puppet creations. Additional techniques on creating ambience and using colours and props in a shadow play will be taught during this process.
Last day of the camp will have small performance by the children, for the parents