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  • 12 , Janakpuri, Velachery Bypass Road, Velachery, Chennai - 600 042, India.
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  • Before we know about good handwriting, we need to remind ourselves why we write. We write inorder to: Remind ourselves of something we want to remember Tell another person what we know Let a person know what we want "Make no mistake, if handwriting has a poor appearance, the writer is judged poorly by our culture. This won't end tomorrow. Surface features will always attract far more attention than underlying structures. For a person who has poor handwriting, the road ahead is difficult. In spite of the high quality of his ideas and information, the writer will bear a lifelong burden. But such a fate is unnecessary...for those who know how writers develop their skill in handwriting."
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  • Writing examination need special skills
    The use of fixed-time examinations in schools and colleges makes the students with slow writing speeds unable to complete the exams even if they are informed of all the answers. Moreover, the answers written in the sheet need to be legible and comprehendible to the teacher who is evaluating the paper. If not, the answer sheet will be a turn off to the evaluator who might award marks lesser than the marks it deserves. Students achieving higher marks tend to write in a better handwriting style than those who underachieved. writing examination and parent