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No. 28, Heritage Vijayendra Nagar, Phase 1, VPK Street, Perungudi, Chennai - 600096.

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(+91) 99400 19889



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BrainGenie Educare is into Training and Coaching for Corporates, Colleges, Schools and Individuals. Braingenie Educare strongly believe his words and carefully crafted programs to hold their hand and guide them and to mold them as successful happy leaders with self esteem and confidence. We thrive on making their journey easy and enjoyable be it their academic and non academic challenges with our powerful customized training programs.

Courses Offered

Maths Classes by BrainGenie Educare
BrainGenie Educare believes a child who is happy will learn better and faster. Harnessing a child’s curiosity, encouraging dialogue and the application of principles is the best way to ensure that lessons are learned effectively.

Keeping this in mind we have designed the following programs to offer students Vedic Maths through Games
Do you want to calculate 10 to 15 times faster?
Vedic mathematics(VM) – a gift given to this world by the ancient sages of India. A system which is simple and enjoyable and makes use of both left and right brain.

A program for mathematical and logical base building for children

VM for Toddlers: 4 to 8 years

VM for Kids: 8 to 12 years

VM for Teens: 13 and above