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Why Abacus Classes ?

When we talk of Abacus Classes, the first question that comes to my mind is, why should parents send their kids to learn Abacus. That too when the kids are already burdened with so much school learning and so many other after-school activities that they are pushed into?

Well to answer this, I would say enroll your child in Abacus classes to make the entire academic journey more rewarding.

The prime question is how will Abacus help in the learning process of the school curriculum?

Let us examine this from the perspective of the benefits that  Abacus gives to the kids.

Scientific studies have confirmed that Abacus is Abacus training triggers a whole brain development in kids. The result is it harmonize their academic grades. Listed below are the established benefits of Abacus education that are indicators of whole brain development:

Improved listening abilities

Enhanced Visualization abilities

Developed Photographic memory

Excellent Recall abilities

Increased Concentration

Accurate Mental Calculation Ability


Better grades in academics.


What is important is to decide upon the most suitable Abacus class for your child.

1st thing, since the adaptability of a kid between 5 to 15 is at its peak, the early age is the right time to start Abacus training.

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