Tags for We enrolled our daughter in one of the top schools in Greater Noida West!

We enrolled our daughter in one of the top schools in Greater Noida West!

My daughter turned 3 years old last year. My husband and I enrolled her in Nursery this year, in one of the top schools in Greater Noida West. While her academic session has commenced and she is happily learning and becoming knowledgeable, my husband and I spent many days and nights worrying about her school admission. Firstly, we were not aware of the reputation of the schools in Greater Noida as we moved to the city just last year. Secondly, we wanted to provide good education to our daughter and wished to enroll her in one of the top schools in the area. Wanting to enroll her in a great school but being unaware of the school’s reputation in the city proved to be a big obstacle placed in front of us.

To initiate the process of finding the reputation of the schools in Greater Noida, my husband and I decided to ask the families residing in our housing society for personal recommendations. Listening to their recommendations and justifications provided us with ample information regarding the established and reputable schools around. We also made uncountable searches on Google to find the lists of best public schools in Greater Noida West. We went through the lists one by one and then went through the brochures of the schools we liked. We were able to zero in on four great schools. My husband wanted to schedule a visit to the school campuses to verify the facilities, amenities, and infrastructure in person. So, we called up the four schools and scheduled a visit to their campuses.

We were relieved that we had filtered out numerous lists to have our top four schools. Now, we just needed to pick one school out of these four schools, which was easier than the work and effort we had already put in. We started visiting the schools one by one. During the visits, my husband and I collected all the necessary information about the schools’ respective policies, curriculum, amenities, facilities, administrations, teaching faculties, and extracurricular activities. Out of all the four schools we visited, my husband and I decided to enroll our dear daughter in Pacific World School — one of the top schools in Greater Noida West. We made our decision based on the recommendations of the parents residing in our society, the results we found on Google, and the information we collected from the school’s website and brochure. After scheduling a visit to the school and verifying the information in person, my husband and I readily and conveniently decided to enroll our daughter in Pacific World School.

Pacific World School is spread over a grand area of 10 acres. The school has an extremely responsive administration, a highly experienced teaching faculty, world-class infrastructure, and exceptional amenities and facilities. The school takes the safety and security of children very seriously. The school buses are GPS-enabled and can be tracked by parents, there is a dedicated ambulance present on the school campus, the entire campus exhibits CCTV cameras and a medical professional is available all-time for any medical emergencies. The teachers are also highly experienced and are trained in handling children possessing a range of talents and skills. The teachers encourage children to learn better, satisfy their curiosity and develop new skills. The school also believes in transparent communication and has

developed a mobile application to facilitate the process. Parents receive timely updates from the school through the application, which comes in handy, particularly during unpredictable times like the Covid-19 pandemic. All this information made the school one of the top schools in Greater Noida West in our view.

Seeing and understanding all that the school offers, my husband and I quickly made the decision. We sat down with our daughter and prepared her for the next milestone of her life. We tried to get her accommodated to her new routine by setting a proper wake-up time and bedtime for her. We also informed our family of our decision and began with the formalities of the admission process. There was some paperwork involved and a round of interviews and aptitude tests. We finally received confirmation from the school of her enrollment and were able to heave a sigh of relief. Our hard work has borne fruits. We could finally relax a little. My husband and I celebrated our daughter’s admission with a dinner outing at her favorite restaurant. We had managed to enroll her in one of the best public schools in Greater Noida West, all on our own.

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Author For We enrolled our daughter in one of the top schools in Greater Noida West!

  • Pacific World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida. The renowned school is affiliated with the CBSE board and offers K-12 education on its 5-acre campus. The school offers digital classrooms, a healthy student-teacher ratio, advanced laboratories, excellent sports facilities, professional-level sports coaching at no extra fee, global awareness through organized events, and transparent communication to parents.

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