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Parameters on How to Choose a School for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tough, intimidating decision. While the quality of education remains the most important criteria, the opportunity to develop your child’s creative, physical and social skills is also a key attribute that needs to be given equal importance Providing quality education children always remains our top priority and choosing a school implies you are putting your child on a long, winding path of learning. Thus this path needs to be selected carefully and wisely. However, this is often easier to say than to select a school With the increasing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools all around. Here are some parameters to consider on how to choose the school that best fits the specific needs of the child

Parameters on How to Choose a School for Your Child

How to Choose a School for Your Child

Here are some things to remember while choosing a School for your Child

Check Proximity

It is advisable to first start looking at the best available schools closest to your place of residence as it becomes necessary from a safety perspective and to prevent your child from suffering the repeated discomfort of a long journey to and fro from his/her school every day.You have to consider your child’s comfort and also ensure that the school is close enough for you to reach in the shortest possible time whenever needed.


Parents tend to enroll their children only in the most expensive private/international schools, assuming that they are best, courtesy their exorbitant fees and an impressive array of hi-tech facilities and it is a common misconception and need not be true always. There are several reputed public schools across the country which is not only a lot cheaper but also give a comparable/better quality of education to their students. Instead, we need to focus on whether you are getting full value for the money you are paying in terms of quality, safety, facilities, extra-curricular activities and the assurance that the all-round development of your child is being taken care of in the best way possible.

Check Academic & Extra-Curricular Activities

Whatever a child learns and experiences in their formative years stays with them for life. Firstly ensure the school meets the highest standards of excellence in terms of the teachers, teaching methodology, academic curriculum and moral standards should be your biggest priority. Extra like outdoor games, team sports, art & craft, hobby ideas, physical education, dance & drama classes also play a massive part in shaping a child’s overall personality. Hence the existence of the proper facilities and trained staff to facilitate this aspect of your child’s education is equally important.All of the above can easily be verified by visiting the school personally by talking to the principal, teachers and taking a tour of the facilities provided. Here is a reference as why extra-curricular activities are important

Teacher-Student Ratio

Would you instead admit your child to a school which allows 60 students per class or one that limits the number of students per class to a manageable of 20 kids? You would definitely prefer the latter option since fewer students per class would allow the teacher the liberty of giving individual attention to each one of her students thereby optimizing the student’s learning capabilities. At the nursery level, it should be a teacher and two assistants for a class of 10-15 preschoolers. Here is a good guide for the teacher student ratio in india

Check for Hygiene/Clean Environment before choosing the school

When it comes to kids, a clean and hygienic school environment is an upmost priority. Things like outdoor games and toys safe for use by children, is the playground kept clean and tidy, also is the school adequately equipped with a medical bay and staff in case of a medical emergency with a child

Check the Curriculum before choosing the school

When it comes to the curriculum, most schools tend to follow different curriculum.Some of the popular streams/boards of education followed by Indian schools include Secondary School Certificate, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, Central Board of Secondary Education, International Baccalaureate programme and Cambridge International Examination. Each board has a different curriculum, system of teaching and focuses on various subjects. An excellent academic program should be practical regarding teaching your child intellectual, social, emotional and motor skills also the use of the latest technology and teaching aids should also play a massive part in your final decision. Always choose a school which encourages modernity and which gives its students, access to contemporary tools and technologies.

Schools like The Shri Ram Universal School, Chennai in collaboration with Shri Educare Limited (SEL) adapts the value system, teaching methodology and best practices of The Shri Ram School, Delhi and Gurgaon. Located in SPR City, the school is nestled amidst open greenery and world-class residences providing a serene and conducive environment for learning.

We at The Shri Ram Universal School believe in the individuality and unique identity of each child, and our educational philosophy is emphatic about providing a child-centric education through a unique curriculum that lets our children discover their own special light at their own pace. The focus is on creating awareness in students and providing them with the experiences that they could apply to real-life situations.

A ‘Happy School’ can contribute significantly in creating responsible and caring human beings. We have created an environment that “fosters a global outlook” yet retains the rich Indian cultural heritage and values.

We are open for admissions from LKG to Grade VI for batch 2020-2021

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