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NewAge World School - Best International School in North Bangalore

If you are looking for the best education for your child, you should enroll him or
her in an best international school. It opens up numerous opportunities for your
child both in India and overseas. The curriculum fulfils international standards,
and the teachers are also well-educated. Practical learning takes priority over
theoretical learning in international schools.

The NewAge World school is one of the Best international schools in
North Bangalore. With the dedicated and motivating spirit of the staff, the
NewAge World school is making its mark as a Best ICSE schools in North
Bangalore. Besides from schooling, the school has a lot more to offer to
develop challenging skills in students in addition to academic proficiency.
NewAge World School stands out among Top International schools in
North Bangalore for its technologically enhanced atmosphere and cutting edge curriculum that meets global standards. We bring out the best in our
students by fine-tuning their sensibility in their preferred fields of study based
on their attitudes and aptitudes. At our ICSE-based curriculum school,
students benefit from a highly supportive system that encourages them to
strive to reach their full, individual potential.

The NewAge World school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities,
allowing its students to compete in a tough competitive world. A variety of
activities and events are planned with the child's entire development in mind.
The school has a number of facilities like swimming pools, auditorium, a
football field and a rumpus for the kindergarten students. The school also has
an indoor sports arena focusing on various indoor sports and games. The
school also organizes a number of competitions and contests for the overall
shaping of the students’ personality like writing competitions, debates, swimming etc.
Since the time the educational institution was founded, we aim to achieve our
purpose of setting the child free from their stresses. We are recognized as the
Best International schools in North Bangalore. We are known for our
quality training, comprehensive curriculum and world-class educational
services. Get Admission for your Kids from The NewAge World School, one
of the Best ICSE Schools in North Bangalore. For Admissions enquiry
please do contact us on 080 - 2251 8700 | +91 84700 78633. Or visit website

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  • NewAge World School is one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore focused on the overall improvement of the child. It is known to be the best primary and high school in Yelahanka, Bangalore. The school is affiliated with the ICSE curriculum and offers perhaps the most ideal choice as far as it is concerned with the schooling.

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