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Learning The Fun Way During Corona Virus Crisis at Little Kingdom School

“There is not a utensil to fill the mind but a fire to burn.” Education and Learning are the tools that make this possible. During this challenging time, it was very crucial for everyone to have access to proper education.
Nobody ever expected that an educator would be available to us live, and friends will be made virtually!!!!!!
No doubt, the Coronavirus has changed our lives, but it also has pressed a rewind button in our lives so that we can re-image ourselves and evolve with changing times.
The coronavirus epidemic has helped to revitalize education. It is truly said that “real changes take place in deep crises.
Online classrooms have replaced school classes. Nobody would ever have thought kids will be attending their classes online from the comfort of their homes.
With the purpose in mind that the learning process should not be hindered in this pandemic, We at LITTLE KINGDOM SCHOOL in Tilak Nagar have taken some essential steps to help our students save their entire year and keep on continuing the classes Online mode.
Little Kingdom team is the Best Pre-school in class teaching, and management professionals have made the best use of technology and were able to adopt the online teaching methods in a quick and efficient manner.
All the planning’s provided to parents were in advance. Its own created digital platform.
The classes were made a life for all children with individual attention on every child, which focuses more on one attention.
With our planned curriculum and innovative teaching techniques, the Online Classes aimed to impart appropriate knowledge and enhance their talents and skills to ensure their overall development.
Our Online Playschool Program includes two classes daily with a duration of 40 minutes each. Our daily classes are a healthy amalgamation of conceptual and co-curricular activities, fostering the tiny tots’ overall development.
The classes were subdivided into concept-based oral classes, academics, and physical classes of dance and Zumba.
The classes were organized under the Parent-Toddler Program’s aegis, with parents attending all the sessions with their child.
Children from the Nursery class to class-2 were a part of it with 100% satisfaction received from all parents.
More of it can be seen on our website with the attached link to the Youtube channel and Facebook page.
Due to online classes, students of Little Kingdom School in Malviya Nagar were able to study without any breaks and loss.
The little Kingdom has always done the best for children for the past 18 years and has also supported its parents during this pandemic.
The school has always been in a different league and will remain the same in the future to come.

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