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How to Better Concentrate on Study with CBSE School

If you want to study better and don’t want to spoil your concentration, you must stop using your mobile phones first

Concentration is a key factor in education, without better concentration studying with a heart is next to impossible. From the very starting days of a child, parents teach them all about education, what education is and how to fully concentrate for a better understanding of the concept. That’s why the kids join the educational institute named SCHOOL.

A school is such a place where students can gain lots of knowledge and information on various subjects. Like other schools, in this blog, you will gain information related to one of the leading Howrah Cbse Schools named the Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah or SMIL. It is situated in Liluah Howrah, known as the co-ed English medium school in Howrah. It is highly known for its famous facilities like:-

  1. Well-equipped digitalized classrooms
  2. Library room
  3. Computer room
  4. Ground plan
  5. Audio visual room
  6. Science lab
  7. Transportation facility

With technology at your fingertips, you might find it hard to focus on your studies. These days, it’s very easy to get distracted. Here given are a few effective and easy study hacks suggested by the toppers of the best CBSE school in Howrah.

  1. Set a goal and timetable
  2. Make a timetable or study schedule
  3. Stay focused on your priorities
  4. Say no to caffeine
  5. Find a suitable environment
  6. Block distracting websites/apps on your phone
  7. Focus on skills, not on grades
  8. Exercise

Set a goal and timetable

Ask yourself what is the most important for you, and let yourself go in that direction. Set a goal and timetable for your study. You need to divide your time and thus you can concentrate better on your studies.

Make a timetable or study schedule

Once you decided what you want, your next step is to create a weekly timetable for your studies. This will help you a lot. First of all count the hours for taking a shower, having meals, sleeping, and most importantly time spent on studies.

Stay focused on your priorities

The teachers of the Cbse School in Howrah suggest that self-help is your key to get ultimate success. No one else is going to stop you from distractions. But you are the one who has to face the after-effects if you fail to score well. Remember you are studying for a reason which will lead you to a bright future.

Say no to caffeine

Drinking lots of mugs of coffee is not very healthy; neither has it helped in better concentration.

Find a suitable environment

The study environment must suit the students. And for that SMIL as the cbse school in howrah is famous. There are digitalized smart classrooms that are neat and clean and very hygienic environments suited to each and every student. If you as a parent are looking for a suitable environment for your kid, then must select Sudhir Memorial Institute.

Block distracting websites/apps on your phone

If you want to study better and don’t want to spoil your concentration, you must stop using your mobile phones first. You need to maintain a timetable and try not to use your mobile during study hours. And also you must block distracting websites/apps on your phone. Distractions always harm concentration. So, it’s better to try to avoid using cell phones.

Focus on skills not on grades

For better concentration on your studies, you must focus on your skills not on grades. The negative impact of grades on students can be reduced to a maximum level only when the teacher is involved.


Regular exercise is very much important to keep your mind and body healthy and fit. So doing exercise regularly is very necessary. SMIL as the best CBSE School in Howrah arrange PT classes for their students and tries to teach them all about the exercises by which they can remain fit and healthy.


As far as you have read all the points, hope you like reading this blog. So, wait for no more and visit the website of the howrah cbse school and be benefited from its amazing facilities.

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