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How CBSE Education is Essential for Creative Learning

Education is an asset and it is essential for creative learning. Many schools in Howrah provide creative understanding, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is one of them.

Education is an asset and it is essential for creative learning. There are lots of schools in Kolkata Howrah which provides creative learning, out of which Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is among one of them.

When you select a school for your children, you require making a targeted decision, one that takes into deliberation, fee pact, and high quality teaching environment and a place where the child would be set up to creative education.

CBSE has developed a skill module on design thinking and innovation jointly with education ministry which aims to instill creativity among students through experiential design learning. The best school in Howrah provides digitalized classrooms for students to provide them the smart way of learning with having fun.

Communicating knowledge abilities and making children ready for tomorrow is an important liability specifically when there are various interruptions by use of the Internet, peer acquaintance, broadening groups of friends and a lot more. The child has to wade through them and should be qualified to make smart, inspiring selections that would enhance his or her character and put into being a responsible citizen of tomorrow.

Let us look at the few points and understands how creativity in classrooms transforms the learning experience for students.

  1. Makes learning fun
  2. Enhances emotional quotient
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety
  4. Boosts problem solving skills
  5. Improves communication skills

Makes learning fun

Students have a higher tendency of grasping when they are enjoying. So, the teachers of the top school in howrah always tries to make learning fun including story telling or skits during the course of a classroom session. Fun team activities in classrooms also increase the exchange of ideas amongst students, acquainting them with critical thinking.

Enhances emotional quotient

Creativity gives students the freedom to explore their surroundings and learn from them. When they get to express themselves, it boosts their confidence and makes them more expressive. It furthers their emotional development and makes them conscientious and considerate towards others’ opinions.

Reduces stress and anxiety

When sometime is set aside for creativity in between all the strenuous hours of study, it takes a lot of stress away from students. This sense of comfort keeps them relaxed and reduces their anxiety which in turn helps them prepare well for exams.

Boosts problem solving skills

Brainstorming activities stimulate problem solving skills in children.  Creative thinking in classrooms alters the way students approach a problem. It allows them to think outside the box, experiment and come up with innovative ways to find solutions for various problems.

Improves communication skills

A classroom that fosters creativity improves students’ communication skills. When students have the liberty to communicate freely in classrooms, it increases their confidence and they start accepting different opinions with an open mind. This eventually makes them better communicators.


Hope you like reading this blog. At the school in Howrah, we completely understand the importance of creativity in classrooms. That’s why the teachers continuously come up with creative and innovative ways of imparting knowledge in howrah cbse school.

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