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Advantages of Finishing CBSE Syllabus for Better Future

For getting a good score in your board exams you need to practice more and more. You can’t stop after completing your syllabus once. The more you read the more you will memorize.

A syllabus is a kind of instructive tool that sets a standard what is expected to happen during the complete course session. It prescribes the topic and concepts on the basis of which students will be tested in the final examination.

What are the prominent features of a well designed syllabus?

  • The syllabus is a course-planning tool. It helps the instructor prepare and organize the course.
  • It describes the course goals; explains the course structure and assignments, exams, review sessions, and other activities required for students to learn the material.
  • It conveys to students a clear idea of the course content and the knowledge they will gain throughout the course.
  • It gives students room to do extensive practice in the form of various problem sets, homework and subject oriented assignments.

There are many advantages of finishing CBSE syllabus for better future. CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is a national board of education in India for public and private schools. There are many list of cbse school in Howrah are affiliated to CBSE. Out of which Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah or SMIL is one of them.

The teachers of the Cbse School in Howrah always try to finish the CBSE syllabus in time. If the syllabus is not completed within a period of time, the students may face many difficulties during their exam.

What are the benefits of a course syllabus?

  • It establishes contact and connection between students and instructors by stating the objectives and goals to be achieved at the end of the course.
  • It sets the tone for the course by streamlining the content of course.
  • It ultimately includes information that will facilitate the academic success of students.
  • It informs students of the course structure, goals and learning outcomes.
  • It outlines a student’s responsibilities for success.

After a certain class, the syllabus of cbse board school in howrah under CBSE becomes similar. Students clear their path by choosing what they want to study further. They become more engrossed in their study for achieving their goals. As they move towards higher classes the syllabus becomes tougher. Students can’t find the complete syllabus in one book.

The national council of education, research, and training (NCERT) is responsible for designing and disseminating textbooks to students in elementary and secondary schools. These books are extremely beneficial to CBSE students, and they are regarded as the greatest texts for achieving good scores in board exams. NCERT books are all-encompassing and comprehensive in their own right, and CBSE will rarely pose questions that go beyond them.

Board exams become a pressure for most students. Students who want to take admission to top colleges for higher studies become more anxious. Board classes are more fun and more stressful classes at school. Students go through different books to complete their syllabus and get extra knowledge. Many students study three to four books on the same subject to cover every single topic. Students are unaware of where the CBSE will set the paper. They want to prepare themselves for every type of question and topic that can come. Students need to understand that they should learn every topic deeply from a single book. It is the biggest lie that NCERT doesn’t cover the CBSE syllabus. CBSE doesn’t ask questions that are beyond NCERT. NCERT books are sufficient for complete study of exams.


For getting a good score in your board exams you need to practice more and more. You can’t stop after completing your syllabus once. The more you read the more you will memorize. You must remember the basic details of the topic for writing your answer. This will help to create your better future. Enroll your name to the cbse school howrah today and secure your future.

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