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BF-Block , Sector-I, Salt lake city, Kolkata- 700064

About Partner

Bidhannagar Swimming Association is better known as the BF block swimming pool and is the only swimming pool for amateur swimming providing swimming classes situated in salt lake city in Kolkata except the very recently inaugurated swimming pool at the bidharnagar sports complex. This swimming club of Kolkata is a bit old and situated in nineties and since then it has been a preferred destination for the amateur swimmers of Salt Lake City and Kolkata. And also this swimming club in Kolkata is also been chosen by many people for its specialized swimming classes and coaching for the children and women. The main timing for the novice and beginners swimming lessons starts from 4 at afternoon till 6.30. Special cares are taken to the children while these swimming classes goes on and the best thing here is that when the swimming classes goes on, a number of coaches present in and out of the water supervising the children.

Courses Offered

The ambience of this Bidhannagar Swimming Association, also known to be salt lake swimming pool is much good as it is situated just adjacent to the West Bengal university of technology, at BF block of saltlake city. There is a cool hang out zone just outside this swimming pool where several fast food centers as well as some well known food chains like subway, bhaja hari manna are also there very near to the swimming club. This swimming club also provides some advanced swimming training that starts after all the novice coaching, amateur swimming and the ladies swimming times are up and the advanced swimmers of this swimming pool are guided by professional coach. But unfortunately the name of Bidhannagar Swimming Association is not much sound in the field of professional swimming in Kolkata. Though this swimming club authority used to organize some district level swimming competition previously inviting the famous swimming clubs of Kolkata but that competitions also have come to an end since few years..

1350 INR per Season (fixed half an hour slot) 2100 INR per Season (any one hour slot)