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AG- 73 3rd Street, Annanagar [opp to K3 Police Station ] Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040 India

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Artisans Institute of Baking, started by Lisa Isaac in 2010 A post graduate in home economics and a trained teacher with over 30 years of experience started her career with the U.S. Wheat Associates and was later associated with the leading Bakery & Confectionery Group [Hot Breads], as their Training Manager, she was instrumental in setting up their Training Institute for their professional bakers and confectioners, and has trained several hundred baking professionals over the years. She was also the former Vice Principal and HOD of the Asan Institute of Hotel Management. 

Courses Offered

Cooking Classes by Artisans Institute of Baking
Baking is a science and an art that often intimidates because it is one of the few aspects of cooking where you really have to follow and understand the recipe to succeed.

Of course, while following the recipe is essential to good baking understanding why the recipe is the way it is and what are the techniques of achieving this can be more challenging. 

Baking is taught at ARTISANS, with an intention of understanding the rudiments of all this, so that once you finish the levels you can take it up on even a more professional level. Every class is inter related, so we encourage all participants to attend all the five days, rather than picking up a chapter and learning bits and pieces.

Certificates on completion of 2 levels

Icing Session
Icing is a skill of its own, designing and decorating cakes can be a difficult and daunting task, especially for beginners who have no clue about the subject.

We take you through the basics of making your icing bags, making of the creams, mixing colours and finishing cakes, pastries and cupcakes with simple designs.

We believe that once the participants grasps this skill, it is easy for him / her to explore this art form and take it to a higher level.

Continental Baking

Our tastes have been come so varied and experimental, its always fun to try out dishes from other countries and regions. Our two day course gives you an insight to cooking / baking from different parts of the world.
Cake Baking & Icing
For those who are only interested in learning the essentials of cake making alone we have added two days of cake baking,In addition to two days of icing [ butter cream & fresh cream mediums]. The four day session focuses on diferent types & methods of cake making and finishing of cakes. An experimental baking time is also incorporated to understand each student's grasp of the subject.

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