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Young Champs Programme for Life Value

iSpark’s vision is “igniting sparks of happiness” and hence a unique program called YOUNG CHAMPS has been conceived for children between 3 years to 7 years of age. Formulated in close collaboration with Mrs. Swatanthara ex principal of Bhavans Vidyashram School and a senior retired teacher of Vidyodayaschool, Mrs. Gita the program consists of activities that helps in the imbibing of Happiness, Sharing, Respect, Patience, Friendship, Discipline, Perseverance and general life values. 


The curriculum includes physical literacy, story telling, fireless cooking, role play, art, prayers and vedic chants, meditation, mythology, life skills and values, singing and dance, creativity and so on. Weekly evaluation with question and answers tests the absorption skills of the children and immediate corrective measures are taken to improve these in the following week.

At the end of each term comprising of three months, a detailed progress card with observations and suggestions/recommendations on steps to be taken for future development, is provided to the parents. Our objective is to involve the parents in eager participation of their children. 

To know more about the program contact us at 044-43570807 or email us at info@isparkholistic.com

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