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What are the safety aspects to consider before deciding on a play school?

Pre-school are becoming a support structure for parents for giving their kid its first exposure to a semi-formal education both having a home and part formal school and  finding the right Pre-School for kid has become an important aspect while finding a formal school.

These below aspects should be considered before choosing a preschool for their kid

Transportation and Location: The location of the Pre-School is of utmost importance and it is suggested that the Pre-School should be within a reasonable distance from the residence area as in have to spend some time with your child in the Pre-School as progressive Pre-Schools allow one the initial stages of the kid, parents need to be present in the school for better performance of the children with his/her peer group. The Pre-School also should have pick and drop facility with an attendant in addition to the driver present, from safety aspect of the kid.

 Facilities: The Pre- School should have play area with outdoor toys like slides; try cycles, sand pit, swings etc. And it should be ensured that the outdoor toys are preferable plastic toys with rounded sides as iron slides etc. as those seen in public parks may sometime hurt the kid

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Hygiene, Cleanliness & Safety: Parents while visiting Pre-School  must have a look at washrooms of the school.They  should be clean with airy with exhaust fans installed. Few progressive play schools  installs small toilet seats especially designed for pre-schoolers.  Child friendly pots minimize any risk and facilitate potty training in small children. As a safety measure parents should ensure Electric sockets are above the level of children and others within reach are safely covered


References from Alumni Parents: The reference from parents of Alumni is a good source of information about the play school where you intend to send your little one. Parents may ask the preschool to give references of parents in your area with contact numbers for cross check. Good preschools welcome such initiative from the parents as it builds confidence between the new parents and the preschool as well as help the preschool as the parents of Alumni gives all information about the preschool in detail which serves as a marketing tool for the preschool.


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