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Physical activities or mental activities ? which is more ideal for gowring kids

Both physical and mental activities are important for a child. As a child should be physically and mentally strong and active.

Mental activities :

 Meditation: meditation reduces stress,controls anxiety ,promotes emotional health,enhanceds self-awareness,lendthens attention span ,may reduce age related memory loss,generate kindness,help fight addicitions ,improves sleep,help control pain and decreases blood pressure. You can meditate anywhere but its better that u meditate in open air and the place which is silent meditation is really important fpr a child as it keeps mind calm.

Read Books Aloud: Take turns reading and listening to a book with your significant other, a friend, or a child.If that’s not feasible, alternate reading with listening to audiobooks.This engages the imagination in a different way.One of the earliest demonstrations of brain imaging clearly showed three distinct brain regions lighting up when the same word was read, spoken, or heard.Achild must read  biography of great leaders which will provide the most valuable lessons of life.

 Do Things the Hard Way: The most obvious way to do things the hard way is to stop relying on technology.Use your brain instead of your smartphone for basic mental skills like spelling and math.Impress your friends by memorizing their phone numbers .Turn off the GPS and learn to read a map and use your innate sense of direction to find your way around instead.

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Physical activities:

Yoga : increased flexibility’increased muscle strength and tone,improved respiration, energy and vitality,maintaining a balanced metabolism,weight reduction,cardio and circulatory health,improved athletic performance and protection from injury. Yoga also helps in keeping mind calm and stress free .

Running:    Running Improves Your Health,  It Prevents Disease, Lose Weight,  Boosts Your Confidence,  Relieves Stress And  has the Power to Eliminate Depression. A person should also go for a morning walk for physical fitness.

Playing Outdoor Games: Great Learning, Healthy Physical Development, Boosts Creativity, Acquire Social Skills,  Positive Attitude,  Personality Development,  Improves Attention Span,  Love for Nature, explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination,  Discipline and team spirit,  Learns to accept defeat with grace and also learn to speak out in a group when they have something to say .This give them self-confidence.


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