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Importance of Teaching about Agriculture to your Child

Agriculture is an important sector of our society. It is not just an economic value for a country in the farming of crops or livestock but it is the base of a person’s right to food which is basic. Without this agricultural industry, demands for food would have not be met and economies wouldn’t be supported.

Why is it important that they know about agriculture?

Future of agriculture: As we all know the future of agriculture is the next generation. These kids will grow up to be future decision makers, become influencers, government officials, and general consumers. The time is now to make child realize and make them understand how food is grown and why because in the future they need to protect it, instead of wasting it and start saving resources right from now.

Jobs: Agriculture jobs are expanding day by day and now it is one of the highest paying jobs. If we educate our children now about these amazing jobs they can have in agriculture, they will have a brighter future by recruiting the brightest minds. Kids need to understand that jobs in agriculture does not mean just cows and plows. Parents should explain that there are jobs in food science, technology, engineering, communication, business, arts, accounting and more in the agricultural field. Kids can also come up with new startups which are on the brink of technology like  using apps for smart farming on your mobile device.

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Parents should teach kids that

  • All farmers work hard to produce good food for all of us to consume
  • All farmers care about our land and animals they grow
  • Learning about agriculture in our immediate and global community

 Future of agriculture requires the technologically-inclined children of today to prosper the industry and keep it growing. It is also a subject that will keep children interested in the sector and focused on where they may play a part in the advancement of such an influential industry.


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