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Importance Of Creative Writing

One who writes creatively on a regular basis and are engaged in self-expression, without realizing it. These self-expression can be a good way to navigate through negative emotions and thoughts that a writer may experience on a regular basis. Experts even agree that creative self-expression (i.e., writing creatively) “may contribute to the maintaining or building a positive image” for every individuals who deals with different types of trauma . It might sound hokey, imagine being so stressed at work and finally taking a short break to write something creative. When you start writing and unveil characters or settings, you’re able to better identify why you’re stressed or, at the very least, uncover the negative emotion that you’re experiencing. This will gives you a chance to work through it all and move in a positive way. You can do this for your personal life too, whenever you experience some sort of trauma, stress, or setback.

Creative imagination
Artistic writing will encourage and make children to use their creative minds and practice using their imaginations. This will improve their ability to come up with alternative ideas. This widen their thought processes, which can lead to success in different areas, including solving problems and analysis.

Children have difficulty understanding and expressing how they feel. Creative writing will help  children to explore and know their feelings, and this can be a highly beneficial for expressing their feelings.

Gain Self-Confidence 
Creative Writing gives a child more chances of self-assertion and their opinions and develop their “voice”.  These developments will strengthen their self-confidence.

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Communication skills
A well-written piece of creative writing involves a lot of thought, planning,imaginiation organization, and use of different languages to get a point across.What great practice for kids at laying out their thoughts and trying to clearly convince someone of their point of view.Creativity starts diminishing as we get older. Those crazy and amazing stories of fairy tale princesses battling dragons to save the town later turns into business prose.  So, to encourage your child to write, to be creative, to use their imagination, and then praise them when they do you will have to Build their confidence to clearly communicate their point of view, their thoughts, and their feelings.


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