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How much time must kids spend outdoors to play

According to the recent studies children are playing outside for an average of just four hours a week.

On average, children aged 10 to 16 now spend only 12.6 minutes a day on to play outdoor activity and compared with 10.4 hours for walking a day

Kids of this generation would rather sit on the couch with a remote control games or watching television than going out and play games .

Outdoor VS. Indoor: Outdoor games helps a children to  be physically and mentally stronger kids gain more confident only when they go out and play and they are  socially better adjusted. This cannot be said that there are no benefits to playing indoor games, however. Indoor games  can be hugely beneficial to the imagination. It can enhance creativity and other cognitive development depending on the activity chosen.

For example, reading different books improves memory power and knowledge , stimulates brain function, reduces stress levels and increases a child’s attention span. While learning an instrument ‘exercises’ the brain and improves memory, cognitive development and can even improve concentration and energy levels.

It is really simple to say that outdoor games are very good than indoor games. There are equal benefits to both outdoor and indoor games . It is clear though that innow-a-days , the balance has swung too far in favor of indoor activities and this is something that must be addressed if children are to reap the benefits.

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Outdoor games are fun : outdoor games are  equally important and fun as children go out and play different games with making new friends . Cast your mind back to childhood and remember the things that intrigued you and set fire to your imagination and enjoy the best. They use their creativity to bring playtime to life. In addition to activities, it is important to give children a space that is their own to enjoy and have adventures. If you have a backyard, why not provide an area for them to enjoy and use how they will. Forts and treehouses are the stuff of childhood dreams. If you don’t have a backyard, make playdates at local parks and playgrounds.


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