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How to engage kids during summer holidays

Kids eagerly looks forward for summer holidays the entire year. However, parents aren’t far from this season and before hearing those three words. “I am bored”, instead of hearing those words ,parents should know that kids need a little prompting to help them enjoy the summer. Here are some ways to get your kids focused and having fun during summer

Giving them Independence

Entire year kids are instructed of what to do on a daily basis .Kids wake up, eat, and sleep and made to follow a strict timetable. But during summer, grant them independence of doing exactly what they want this will lead them to think to utilize their time, allow them to play with digital gadgets but limit their time of utilizing them and motivate them to read some story book about a fictional character or make them pull their drawing book and help them open their imagination mind.

Giving them Responsibility

Kids loves acting like adults or their parents which means they enjoy taking on responsibilities. Kids tend to find pleasure in daily chores like dusting, tidying toys etc. and these  interest in simple chores helps child growth and teaches them to take  responsibilities which is  important for  a person’s early development. Parents while cleaning their house can teach their kids cleaning and seek their kids help and these small responsibilities will easily keep your kids busy and engaged while completing a task of your own.

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Letting them be Creative

Summer provides plenty of opportunity for creativity, and kids may learn one among these such as Visual Painting, chalk, graphite, clay, fabric, paper Mache, etc. Not only arts, kids can be physically creative by learning to Dance. Sing, Act, learning any musical instrument or learning to perform magic. Parents know what form of art their kids love and can plan accordingly to help their kid be creative.

Ask Kids for Feedback

Apart from their independence, responsibility and creativity. Kids crave someone who listen to them and merely makes no sense like how listening to them will keep them engage but  in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, parents often fail to  give  kids  their  undivided attention. Parents often “listen” to them while checking their mobile screens, making dinner, etc. So talking  about this summer talk to your kids with undivided attention and ensure to make time from their hectic schedule and sit with their kids and listen to them patiently to their wants and needs. This will keep kid engaged and happy.



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