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65 First avenue Vettuvankeni Chennai-115

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Advitiya specialises in personalized soft furnishing for kids. It was started in November 2010 by Ms.Sivakami Ramesh. She has been in the business of furnishing and linen in Chennai for the last 15 years. Once making woven labels, she now runs Advitiya. Personalised soft furnishing for kids including bed sheets, quilts, Duvets, curtains, sheers, blinds, cushions, towels, accessories like pouches, ruck sacks, Duffle bags, Totes, school bags, lunch bags, sling bags, beach bags, wall pocket organisers, Table napkins, Aprons, Birthday supplies, etc.

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Hop in for some great fun. Bring your little ones for an evening filled with music,dance, games and fun activities. They have planned a lot of entertainment for them and a surprise gift from Santa!

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