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Things to consider before choosing a preschool

Parenting Skills

Sending your child to school is an important milestone for his development. For this reason, many parents worry too much on how to choose the school that would harness the foundation for learning in a fun yet effective way. Here are a few things to be considered in choosing the best preschool for your child.

Safety and Security:

Safety is a high priority point to consider when choosing a preschool for your child.It is essential to ensure that your child’s potential preschool has a strict security system in place.


Young children are more prone to infections than older ones and entering an environment completely different from the safe and protected one at home exposes them to a host of germs. While it can’t be avoided completely and is even recommended to build their natural immunity, the preschool should follow basic cleanliness. A look at the bathrooms and kitchen will give a good idea of the school’s standards.

Teaching Philosophy:

There are several teaching philosophies to consider. It’s a good idea to read up on these before checking out the school. A child’s brain develops the most during the early years, so this is an important point to consider when choosing a preschool for your little one.

Attitude of Staff :

Your child is going to be away from you for the first time, the replacement of his primary caretaker has to be satisfactory.

Number of Caretakers: 

Young children need a good deal of supervision and help for most of their basic needs. A school with a low staff to child ratio will result in overworked and eventually disgruntled staff. This will affect the individual and personalized attention each child gets and the overall quality of teaching care will deteriorate. The number of caretakers or ‘ayahs’ is likely to be more important than the number of teachers since they are expected to be ready for action in case of any trouble.


A young child at school may need to be picked up any time in case of an emergency. The location is thus important to consider when choosing a preschool. A playschool that’s far away will also mean getting the child ready earlier in the morning and too much travel time might make the child hungry and cranky by the time he gets home.


we can’t leave out the financial aspect of things. Before checking out preschools, have an idea of how much you’re prepared to spend. Some schools take a year’s fees in advance, while others have term wise systems.

 Just knowing that your precious little one is safe and happy is what most parents want!